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8.6.77 - Super Bowl of Rock - Game III

Posted by Artster63

It was incredibly hot that Sunday in Chicago at Soldiers' Field. My first outdoor concert experience and I was freaking that I was there to see: .38 Special, Journey, REO Speedwagon, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Ted Nugent headlining. What a show.

For an 8th grade grad starting high school that September, I was on top of the world. I think it was more the event then even knowing who the bands were. You see, up until that time I had been a big time R&B and Soul music fan. Groups like the Chilites and the Stylistics were my main listening preference on WLS radio AM. Somehow a friend talked me and my older brother into going to this concert. Man did it turn out to be an awakening.

As I sat there with the sun slowly warming up the stands, I was taking in everything. Here it was 8:00 A.M. and there was a girl passed out in the row in front. Later some guy started to spew. There was liquor being passed around in 7UP bottles and the distinctive smell of "weed" floating through the bleachers. When the bands started playing I was amazed at the blanket of people on the field as they jumped up and down together to the beat. Rolls of toilet paper being tossed from the upper stands down leaving a white tail behind. On the field there were beach balls and empty plastic milk jugs popping up and down like a popcorn machine. When Nugent finally came out blasting "Catscratch Fever" the jugs started flowing toward the stage in a ritualistic honor to the headliner. And as they flew on stage his response was, "Hey if you hit me Motherf---ers, I've got a lot of friends out there that will kick your ass". It was awesome.

Even with Journey and Steve Perry singing "Lights" or REO doing "Riding the Storm Out", "157 Riverside Avenue" and "Gary's Flying Turkey Trot", it was witnessing Lynyrd Skynyrd playing there swan song "Freebird" that is most memorable for me. In the days that followed I had bought the album, locked myself in the basement with the headphones blasting and playing air-guitar like I was on that stage. I even started to listen to FM radio.

That was the start of my indulgence into Rock music.

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Wow, that was a blast from the past! I was there one of my first concerts also! I went to all of the super bowl's of Rock, cant even remember who played at them all
Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


I had the oppportunity to work stage/backstage at all four events,Pink Floyd, ELP, and Foghat were soome of the other headliners, Journey was pissed when they got backstage because nobody knew who they were.

You guys are right, but who played at the one with Aerosmith and Jeff Beck at Comiskey that summer????
I seem to remember Rick Derringer...but can't quite get the rest clearly.
Hmmmm, wonder why.


The whole summer was a blast. All of the superbowl of rock concerts were great. I was at all of them.

Friggin great times

Dr Henderstone (Ha Ha HA)

It was a blast and Nugent ROCKED!!!!
I wish I could live those days all over again


At Comiskey that summer with Aerosmith and Beck it was Ravi Shankar who played. It was Beck who was playing when the roof caught on fire and people started freaking out! I'll never forget it was so hot they turned the fire hoses on and filled up an area by the dugouts and the chicks were taking their tops off! Good to be young!!!!


Sorry, have to correct my last attempt at a post. At the Aerosmith, Beck World Series concert it was Derringer and Jan Hammer, not Ravi Shankar. Too many years ago...... Hottest day of 1976though, over 100 degrees that day!

Yup !! Rick Derringer played that chaps with his butt hangin out !! That was the same concert where a fire broke out in the upper grandstand too !! Great time !!


Does anyone know who the back up band was at the Rolling Stones concert at soldiers field back in the 70's? I have a bet with my duaghter that it was Bob Marley.

Please help.

Close, it was Peter Tosh.


That summer the concert I went to see was Foghat, Climax Blue, J. Geils Band, and ELP. I had just graduated HS and was invited to tag along with my older sister and some of her college friends (my girlfriend was invited, too) Kind of a grad gift from my sister.

Anyways, the concert was AWESOME! I had seen ELP a couple of years before by themselves in Chicago, but having all four bands together made it a great day.


All of the Super Bowl of Rocks were at Soldier Field.
Super Bowl of Rock #1 was Foghat, Climax Blue, J. Geils Band, and ELP. 6/4/77 Foghat Live was recorded at that time. And the ELP had the 70 piece orchestra. I'm pretty sure ELP only played 1 or 2 shows with it, they went broke, It was the WORKS Vol. 1 Tour. It was very very hot that day. It was attended by 85,000 people and was General Admission. NO milk jugs.

Super Bowl of Rock #2 was Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, REO Speedwagon, Ted Nugent. Nugent was
dodging 1 gal. milk jugs. It looked like a giant pop corn machine. "And here is a song for all of that Chicago Pussy" was Hey Baby. It was also attended by 85,000 people and was General Admission.

Super Bowl of Rock #3 Sucked it was headlined by Peter Frampton and bearly had 20,000 people.


1977--the year my major concert cherry was busted. I was 16 and just able to drive in January. The first real concert I ever saw was Boston at the Chicago Stadium that March. They rocked and we, of course, were wasted. Even if you didn't smoke anything yourself, you would have gotten high just breathing in the Stadium air. The bathrooms were trashed with puke in every sink, stall and urinal. That was disgusting...but memorable.

But, then there was Pink Floyd at Soldier Field...OMG...what an incredible experience!! I won't be able to do the whole experience justice here. Just imagine yourself having partied all day in 90 degree heat and humidity and then hearing Wish You Were Here, the entire album, for the first time. Yes, it will blow your mind. It was really the Animals tour, which they played from beginning to end, complete with all the floating and flying animals you've seen and heard about. If those two albums weren't enough, they also played Dark Side...I swear it was the whole album, too. The movies they played to accompany the music and lights were the weirdest, wildest, most mesmerizing videos I had ever seen. Nothing I ever saw in my long history of concerts after that even came close. Ever!! And, I've seen all the greats.

Of course, the Super Bowls of Rock that summer were pretty awesome, with Nugent being a great showman. I love to contrast his handling of the milk jugs with that of Frampton later that summer. Where Nugent was taunting the crowd and threatening to kick all 95,000 asses, Frampton stopped playing because he said he didn't want anyone to get hurt! What a wimp. Of course, that just caused the crowd to be even more diligent in putting a sea of jugs up on the stage. Ha! It was great! Gotta love Chicago.

Living on the IL/WI state line, we also took in shows in Milwaukee. Not to be outdone by Chicago, Milwaukee staged the Grand Slam and World Series of Rock at Milwaukee County Stadium. Among the acts I saw there were Fleetwood Mac, Heart, CSNY and a whole host of others.

Speaking of Wisconsin, another totally unforgettable show was Clapton and Jackson Browne at Summerfest on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee in 1978 or '79. Maybe 1980. It was memorable not only for two awesome performers, but also because I was nearly trampled to death by the surging crowd when they opened the gates--it was general admission and we were in the front. I slipped when the crown surged, my ankle got stepped on and twisted, and some very large guy held back the throngs as I regained my footing. We ended up center stage about 5 rows back. I got some excellent photos that night with my 35mm Nikon.

Those were the days.......


Pink Floyd was the first or second Super Bowl of Rock at Soldier Field in 1977. Nugent was after Floyd, and .38 Special also played at that show with the others listed above. The Frampton show also had Rick Wakefield (but not, Yes) and Styx, among others that escape me now. That was some good time rock 'n roll.

I, too, remember the water jugs making the stadium look like a giant popcorn popper. It was awesome.

That's exactly what I thoght - popcorn machine. My older brother took me to that show - I was 12. Our parents just about kicked his butt when we got home because I got sunstroke, but it was worth it. I also remember going to Comiskey Park to see Aerosmith, Foreigner, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, AC/DC and Walter Egan. Aerosmith were horrible - such a letdown. Forigner was incredible. AC/DC were still unknown at the time, but they wound up stealing the show. There's a famous picture of Angus on Bon Scott's shoulders with the old Sox scoreboard in the background - the good old days. I think the ticket price for all those bands was about 12 bucks. That won't even cover the parking fee nowdays.


My first concert was the Super Bowl of Rock that Nugent headlined. It was real hot that day and I remember people passing out from the heat.

We arrived real early and were passing a door that suddenly opened up and we rushed it to run onto the field. We were within the first 20 rows or so. We were afraid to leave the spot because it was right in the middle of the stage.

I must admit that .38 Special didn't impress me at the time. Then Journey came out but not initially with Steve Perry. They were okay until Perry joined them. Then the crowd started paying attention because of his voice and energy. I remember when they were done with their set the crowd was really going.

REO was next and they continued with the energy. They had come out with a live album that was pretty popular and they were well received. Their set sounded like their live album.

Lynyrd Skynyrd was next and I remember them carrying Ronnie Van Zant to his spot on the stage because he had a cast on his leg. He never moved from that spot. I only knew a couple of Skynyrd songs and it's too bad because they rock. I know one thing, they ended their set with a bang, Freebird. The crowd went nuts. Then I remembered that they carried Van Zant off again and they left the crowd buzzing with that finale.

Nugent came on and he was great! I too remember looking back and seeing all the milk carts being thrown up in the air. The stadium looked like a popcorn machine. I remember Nugent saying something like "Try to hit my motherfucking ass, nothing dangerous now."

To this day, that was the best concert I've been to. All day affair with my friends from high school and just partying and rocking. Great memories of that show.


What a GREAT concert! General admission, so we got to Soldier's Field about 5:30 a.m., and drank beers and smoked outside sitting, waiting in line (I think I was already hung over by the afternoon--and it was scorching hot).

When we got in, we rushed to stake out an area on the grass, but our blankets were continuously encroached upon, and our space became smaller and smaller.

.38 Special was the first band--there because of being Van Zandt brothers. I remember them being in cowboy hats, and playing for a VERY short time--they were practically booed off stage, and people were throwing stuff at them.

Journey--I recall Steve Perry looking skinny and wearing a red jump suit, and he had some pretty good pipes.

REO--Great band, great tunes (I was a big fan back in the day).

Lynyrd Skynyrd--Good tunes. I think they did like a 12-minute version of Freebird--the extended "concert" version.

Terrible Ted--I thought he came on with "Dog eat Dog" and right before that, they had a couple of big snarling dogs, one chained up at either end of the stage (could have imagined that).

The plastic milk jug/water jug incident: These things were all over the place, in the air like giant snow. Problem is, some folks were throwing up half-full ones instead of just empties. It was NUTS for I don't know how long--these things just going up and down. Then Nugent said something like, "Why don't you throw 'em at me, you motherfuckers?" and almost immediately they came like an aerial sea from the back of the stadium to the front and to the stage. They were piling up on the stage and the roadies were kicking them off, trying to keep it clear.

JJ, Chicago


Was there for this great show too
.38 special

What a day!

rip ~ Pete

Damn what great memories

someone behind us threw a styrofoam ice chest with ice water and drenched about 15 of us :)

I have seen a lot of great concerts and this ranks right up there

Hey, whats so funny about peace love and understanding



FYI Perry wasnt with Journey at that Chicago show, it was Robert Fleischman.

@ Anon-

You are absolutely correct. Perry wasn't added to the lineup until late 1977. Though Fleischman was only with the group for a short time in '77, he was the lead vocalist during the summer tour season.

Thanks for setting the record.



Wow - just returned from the Hangover 2 with my 15 year old son and we are sitting here he says "did you go to Woodstock ?" I said I was 10 your grandma would never have allowed it -But I told him _ I went to Super bowl of Rock Game 1 2 and 3- in Chicago 1977 - then I had him google it and we found this page-- It was GREAT Ted had been my favorite for years- and thank you for the memories


What a great day. I was just talking about this the other day with my kids. Lynard Skynard, Ted Nugent, REO, Journey & .38. Sounds like a reunion tour....hell they are all still playing 34 years later:)


Remembering the concert is a little foggy as you might imagine. But, I remember Ted Nugent the most. Sweaty Teddy was at the height of his career back then and I believe he just came out with the album cat scratch fever. Talk to anyone who attended a concert and everyone will talk about the plastic milk jugs. Security allowed the jugs filled water and water melons. Being that Ted Nugent was the last act of the night most of the milk jugs were empty and people started throwing the empty jugs at Ted. Ted took it in stride and dared them to throw them at him. He said he will kick all 95,000 of your asses. Well that's all he had to say. We were sitting in the bleachers about 150 yards away from the stage but high up. Basically we were in the opposite end zone of the stage. When the crowd started throwing the jugs at the stage, and because of my vantage point, it looked like popcorn popping. There were so many jugs on the stage that the stagehands had to sweep them off with a broom and they just kept coming. Had to have been one of the craziest thing I've ever experienced. Everyone there would remember the “Jugs”

I was there too!!! What an incredible feeling to remember what it felt like to be there with the greats! Rock'n Roll!! Hey Ravnina Sept 1st...Lynyrd Skynyrd!!!! Gonna be there for Freebird

it was so hot that day the Nugent Concert. The jugs were brought in with water as so many people were dropping like flies from heat exhaustion. I think I was 16 and it was my first concert. What a trip. I couldn't hear for a week! Good times, good memories!

Class of 80, Waukegan East High School


I have been to 100's of concerts in my life, but the most memorable was Super Bowl of Rock III. It must've been 101 degrees that day!
The whole milk jugs = popcorn popping was the most incredible thing to see, it was absolutely mesmerizing! Then WHAM I got nailed in the head with a half full mild jug & if my husband hadn't grabbed my arm I'm sure I'd have fallen & been SERIOUSLY injured. My neck has never been the same since, but wth we all have aches & pains & the story of how I fricked up my neck is one that I love to tell! & as I recall, when the jugs started piling up on stage Terrible Ted screamed at the crowd "All right you Mother F*ckers, I can take anything you can throw at me!"


Me and two of my friends were there, I was 17 years old. General admission that day and I fought my way to the front row. It was "Dog Eat Dog" up there or you could say "Survival of the Fittest". I loved every minute of it. Ted Nugent was like a god that day. The sound system that they had for the Nugent show was unbelievable. I think it was like 250,000 watts total. People heard it in Indiana. Sadley Skynerds plane crash was a couple months later. And the jugs, who could forget the jugs.

sandy m v  

Has to be one of my FAV conert of all time the friends the music the parties.I wish wit all my heart I could go back if only for that weekend


I was there and it was my first concert as well. I was a year older, (HS Freshman), and I remember everyone passing around weed, (joints, bowls, ect). I thought wow, and the cops can't do anything about this... cool... Well, now so many years later, I am a 24 year veteran cop! How life changes,huh?

Greatest collection of bands that summer, by far.... and a fantastic concert.


I was at that concert too... forgot all about the water jug incident with the Nuge... Was my senior year in HS and we just had a blast going to those SoR concerts! BTW, does anyone else there for the Skynyrd show remember Ronnie Van Zant having some sort of cast or bandaging on his leg around the ankle? I seem to remember seeing that since he always performed barefoot anyways... but I can's say for sure and I've never uncovered any pics of those performances. Thx!


Was at the Super Bowl of Rock III, Comiskey Park with Aerosmith (twice) and the Stones Concert at Soldier Field. All memorable and, as I recall, there was some kind of scandal that the promoters had sold far more tickets than they reported, leading to complaints about too many people in the venue and legal actions later that included Nugent. No matter, this was Chicago and nobody expected things to be on the up and up, we just expected the job to get done, which it was, in spades.

I was on the edge of the field about a third of the way back from the stage. It was hot and they allowed in water jugs because of a heat wave (early global warming?) that had lead to issues in the first concert of the SBOR series. It surely kept people from getting heatstroke, but all those empty jugs presented a problem later on, he he.

I saw a couple of fights, a lot of interesting characters, tried to keep our square yard of space from shrinking to no avail, admired the girls in tank tops and feathered hair -- they all had an ease and grace then that was so beguiling, see the movie "Almost Famous" for a mere hint of it -- and had a massive concert experience that blew us all away almost literally.

I had forgotten about .38 Special, I mean ... who cares? They are still around? Why?

Steve Perry DID play with Journey at this show, not that I cared one way or the other, but I recall them introducing him as their new guy. They were too lite for me, but I admit they played quite well. In those days most bands new how to play their instruments and write songs. No opening up of laptop and using backup recordings or autotune. You were live, raw and had no gimmicks to rely on. Anyone who could not play didn't last a week. Even bar bands could play well back then.

REO kicked ass and surprised me (this was before they went pop metal and had their big hits) with their ability to master such a massive arena. I thought their live record was a little tinny sounding, but tha day they were deep and full and hit it. I recall the guitarist Gary Richrath especially and the way he toyed with the crowd.

Skynyrd was an old hand at this, despite Ronnie Van Zandt's being in a leg cast. They were fantastic live and very accomplished players. They had a new gutiarist, Steve Gaines, with them, and played some nice massive arena rock boogie and mile-high honky tonk with their usual swagger. Yes, Virginia, Freebird was great.

Nugent came on and everyone went nuts. This was terrible Ted at his absolute peak, long before he lost the plot and became the American-flag-diaper-wearing tiresome right wing clown that he is now. He was full of life, tearing it up, and had a passel of great songs to draw on. Every one seemed to be a killer tune. Midwestern guys all had a bit of Ted in them and this was our voice and sturm and drang. In the waning light, Ted roared. His playing was tough and inventive, and that guitar he had, the hollow body, was full of the best wall-of-sound artistry.

Continued in next post ...


Continued from previous post ...

Then it happened. The thousands of empty milk jugs lurking in the crowd, inanimate, but waiting silently, suddenly launched straight up into the air as if on some very raucous cosmic Chicago cue. It rained milk jugs. It looked like snow. Me and a friend constantly were picking up milk jugs that landed next to us and relaunched them. It was a sight to behold. Damn, where was my camera?

Nugent was nonplussed and said something to the crowd about the jugs heading his way. Big mistake. ALL the jugs started flying his way, and soon ended up on the stage. Where Ted would do one of his trademark runs and bent-knee skid power chords knee deep in jugs, flying up in the air. Roadies kept coming on between songs to sweep the jugs into the open area in front of the stage between songs. Finally all the jugs ended up there, and normality was restored and the concert progressed. Just an occasional jug would pop up from the crowd after that, like an afterthought. Great concert.

I can't remember getting home, but I couldn't hear properly for a couple of days and I later found out Ted wore huge earplugs.

Aaah youth. Great times. Free, not a care in the world and full of characters and good times. If I could only date a girl who had actually been to that concert, my life would be complete.

Notes on Comiskey Park concert: The line-up was Stu Daye (not sure why I recall that, never saw or heard of him since and I remember nothing of his set). Rick Derringer, Jan Hammer and Jeff Beck, who were terrific, the stadium then catching fire right near where I was sitting with a couple of friends, and finally Aerosmith.

I saw Bill Veeck walking around in the crowd and he was cheered by everybody. He later testified in court in favor of the kids behavior during the fire, saying they were careful and evacuated the area without panic or pushing. An outdoor concert in Stickney was almost prevented by a lawsuit, and Veeck's testimony was instrumental in the judge deciding to allow it. Veeck was such a great guy, he just loved a crowd, especially a paying one.

The Stickney concert had an odd line-up, I was there as well. It had the guy who did "Dreamwaeaver", Peter Frampton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Yes. All played extremely well. Okay, I was barely paying attention to the Dreamweaver guy. Frampton smoked -- sorry, the guy could rock at that time --, Lynrid Skynyrd was awesome, with Van Zandt saying they should put a cork in a nearby smokestack, and Yes was sustained pleasure, absolutely terrific -- this was before they went commercial with Geffen.

Great times, great music that still holds up. In a few years the seventies rock boom was pretty much played out, and I moved on to new wave and punk, although I never stopped liking the early seventies rock stuff and defending it to the death. I still think there was incredible music made back then, It was a special time, America was still building things and girls were tan, fit and free with their hearts. We all were. No cell phones, nobody checking on us, just the roads all open, friends, and adventure around every corner. Chicago was a powerhouse. And so were we. I love life in general, but especially that time.

Salute to the young, the sunstruck, and the altered, and a great concert at Soldier Field it was.


My first concert was Pink Floyd at Soldier Field. That place was hot and crowded. So crowded that our seats were on the aisle and people walking on the aisle behind us would stop and sit on our seat backs.

Anyhow there were lots of pretty large out door shows in those days, Soldier Field, Comisky Park, Washington Park Race Track (Frampton, Aerosmith and gary Wright was one I think) Good stuff.

I also saw the stones at Soldiers Field. Southside Johnny, Peter Tosh, Journey, then Jugglers and Accrobats and finally the Stones. The most drugs I ever saw was at this show, they were everywhere and lots of them. But the show was pretty memorable.


We were at all those concerts also that year...Bob L.''Ron K.''Andy V.''Bruce S.''Alex R.''...stoners from the Berkeley, Bellwood, Hillside area.......The Burnout


All sbr @ soldiers were the best. Perry was... with journey, marley & tosh were with the stones (some girls)Aerosmith was @ comiskey, ac/dc, foriegner. Don't recall anthing burning, my girlfriend got sick and took her to the van.Maybe that was disco sucks nite!!


It puzzles Me Why Any of these Bands Never Released Any Live Concert Footage of those Incredible Shows At Soldier Field! Oh Well,.Maybe One Day!!


I do remember that Steve Perry was announced after maybe 2 songs as the new singer

I cant argue that it was Perry, I can only say I remember the band saying here is our new lead singer

wiki agrees with you that Perry didnt appear public;y UNTIL OCT 1977

But I do remember the band making that announcement and all the great songs


IT WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST SHOWS I HAVE SEEN and I have seen many many gret ones



I haven't seen it posted here, but I could swear that UFO played at one of the SBoR concerts... I went to them all in Chitowm but can't remember which one they played at. Any help here from all you fellow SBoR party animals??? Rock on!

-RJ (Fleener)


UFO played with Seger, Derringer & Frampton- who may have owned 1976, but people were streaming out of Soldier Field as he sang "I'm In You"...his 15min appeared up..


I was in the fron row for that show. The line-up went Derringer, UFO, Segar, and Frampton. UFO was outstanding. I think it was only about 7 or 8 months before they played at the Ampetheatre (Where "Strangers in the Night Live" was recorded). OUTSTANDING Show...Except for Frampton. Everybody left about 15 minutes after he appeared on stage.


August 1977 Superbowl of Rock Show at Soldier Field in Chicago my first concert,who was there ?? I know UFO was,they are the only band I remember,.Its driving me nuts,I half remember Journey,but I can't believe I saw Nugent, Speedwagon & Skynyrd I knew who Skynyrd & nugent were.I'm sure we didn't stay through the whole thing, we were there early like really early.Does anyone remember how the line up went & times?


I'm glad somebody else remembered Steve Perry wasn't yet singing for Journey. It's been so long ago, I almost started to doubt myself.
Although the 38 Special, Journey, REO, Skynyrd, Nugent day was absolutely unbelievable, I find myself wishing I was also able to attend the UFO, Seger, Derringer, Frampton event. At least I was able to see UFO shortly thereafter when they recorded their Strangers in the Night album. Now that was one hell of a concert. I still love listening to the album knowing that one of those drunken screaming voices belonged to me.


I was there in 77 at 17 years old for the skynard concert. Spent the night at soldiers field with our usual crowd of buddies. Were one the first 100 or so to get in front and center.

Lu said they carried Ronnie Van Zant out on stage. I remember him walking out on 1 cruch. After playing multipe songs I remember him throwing the cruch down and singing on. At least that's my recolection after all these years.

It was very hot and crowded. There were times it became so compact with people you couldn't move, and then the crowd would start to sway from people pushing and it seemed like we were all going to fall over. Great times, would do it all again. Lots of doobies burnen. I did leave to go to one of the few bathrooms and fought my way back to the front center, wasn't easy.


The first Super Bowl of Rock wasn't at Soldiers Field. This is because of a lawsuit brought by a coalition of religious conservitives(they were still burying and burning rock albums during this time)wanting to block the whole series of concerts. But a judge running for re-election stepped in and gave permission for the show to go on at Hawthorne Race Track in Cicero. He thought he could win the election by garnering the youth vote. The line up was: Pacific Gas and Electric Company(or what ever this version of the band was calling itself at this time, only the bass player was left from the original band and he had the rights to the name), Gary Wright(of Dreamer Weaver fame), Lynyrd Skynyrd, Peter Frampton(performing his Comes Alive tour and he was peaking at this time), and headliner YES(as always unbleivable). Because this was at the race track it was the largest in attendance (80,000 to 90,000) and by far the loudest. You could see the P.A. from 2 to 3 miles away on Int. 55 as you were coming to the concert. They hadn't figured out yet how much P.A. was needed for a venue like this and way over did it. I can make this statement because I went to most of the super bowls of rock(I passed on the disco one with, I believe, Donna Summer). The judge came out on stage before Yes and gave a little speech to drum up votes which ended with him taking his suit coat off(blue if I remember correctly)and turning it inside out where he had had a pyschedelic liner sown in and then proclaimed it was time to "jam with the Yeses". He didn't get re-elected.


Da Nuge remembers:

thanks for putting this page up
this is my 3rd post here






So let me see if I have this straight:

SB#1 - ELP, Foghat, J Geils, Climax Blues

SB#2 - Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skynyrd, REO, Journey, 38 Special

SB#3 - Pink Floyd (solo doing "animals")

SB#4 - Bob Seger,Derringer, UFO, Frampton

What a summer, what a line up, and what a general admission value!

Let me know if I missed anyone.


I was at the ELP show, it was so hot that day that people were passing out.....they took a lot of milk jugs away from people...saw huge bins of them....people who figured it out we're chugging the contents! Climax Blues Band did "couldn't see the light", J Geils rocked the house...Foghat was predictable but fun....everyone seems wasted and possibly heat stroked.... The intermission between Foghat and ELP as it go dark they played the sound of crickets....people seemed to be staring and looking aroundl like they weren't sure if they were hearing it or not. Surreal.
ELP was spectacular


UFO, Bob Seger ,Derringer, Frampton.Derringer said" I want them to hear us in Indiana".Being from South Bend ,we appreciated that .Derriger kicked everyone's ass at this .They were throwing their guitars back and forth to each other and did Helter Skelter for an encore.Best performance without lights I ever saw to this date.oh to be 15 again!


I was at this show and I have the ticket stub. Its torn in half but clearly says 1978, not 1977, you should double check the date.

I was at the 1977 Super Bowl of Rock- Aka The popcorn Machine!! Ted Nugent was Kick A..!! My 1st concert- summer after 8th grade- Foreman H.S. 81'
Best concert of my life.


Having attended (abd survived!) all of the Super Bowl and World Series concerts, I thought I'd post what info I have from my notes and ticket stubs.

All bands are in order of appearance. Bands marked with an (*) are from other sources and not my notes.

World Series of Rock (WSoR)
Comiskey Park - Chicago IL

WSoR - Game 1
July 10, 1976
Stu Daye (*)
38 Special
Rick Derringer
Jeff Beck with Jan Hammer

WSoR - Game 2
July 31, 1976
NOTE - Although scheduled and advertised, this concert was cancelled and did not occur
Uriah Heep
Ted Nugent

WSoR - Game 3
August 12, 1976
NOTE - Although scheduled for Comiskey Park, this concert was moved to Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero IL
Pacific Gas and Electric (*)
Gary Wright
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Peter Frampton

Super Bowl of Rock (SBoR)
Soldier Field - Chicago IL

SBoR - Game 1
June 4, 1977
Climax Blues Band
J. Geils Band
Emerson, Lake and Palmer

SBoR - Game 2
June 19, 1977
Pink Floyd

SBoR - Game 3
August 6, 1977
38 Special
REO Speedwagon
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Ted Nugent

SBoR - Game 4
August 13, 1977
Rick Derringer
Bob Seger
Peter Frampton

I'm 52 and went to all the super bowl of rocks and yes I was tan fit and free. Never forget those days or the bands and what a wild girl I was


I was 17 when i saw the super bowl shows. I still remember the milk jugs flying. Started with a jug landing near sweaty Teddy he stopped playing yelled into the mike "bet you mfers cant hit me with one of those" and it was on. Like sitting in a popcorn machine. The singer from 38special had a full leg cast and did their set sitting on a bar stool. What a crazy ass party that was. Dude sitting in front of me was nibbling on a block of hash as big as a pack of american cheese and passing it around to his pals. Someone passed it to me and i took a huge bite and passed it back maybe that's why i my memory is abit faded.


Regarding the milk jugs with water thing - I think what happened was that after a few high energy bands like Bob Seger, Foghat, and UFO, Mr Frampton comes on singing all soft ooo baby I love your way and Chicago - being what we are were just too amped for it. Suddenly hundreds of jugs seemed to be flying everywhere. Kind of refreshing for us in the heat - not so good if you are trying to perform. Good times those Chicago concerts. Does anybody remember if Pink Floyd had a warm up band at Soldier Field with the Animals/Wish You Were Here show?


Correct, Pink Floyd did NOT have an opening act for the SBoR Game 2 show. They were on the 2nd leg of their "In The Flesh" tour. This tour is often refered to as the "Animals tour" since the first half of the show was the entire Animals album.

July 9, 1977 is the correct date for Super Bowl of Rock Game 3. Today being the anniversary of that concert, 36 years ago. I was 14 at the time. This was my first concert, and without a doubt, the most memorable concert that I ever attended. Steve Perry DID appear with Journey at this show contrary to what Wiki says. Hard to believe that Journey received the least applause. 86,000 in attendance, Bob Sirott of WLS was sitting next to us!



thanks on the Steve Perry note

Again, I remember Journey playing 2 songs and then saying
we're going to bring in our new lead singer Steve Perry



No, I was at the first one- was at a race track - Frampton , "I'm in you" , Yes, Gary Wright, the Original Skynard- incredible.

I was at this concert. Talk about a R&R time. It was pretty crazy when all those milk containers went flying around during Ted Nugent.


Dude you got the date wrong. It was 7/10/77


Remember that concert and Nugent asking the crowd to send all the MF milk cartons to the stage.We were at the south end zone and it was a dam sea of white plastic jugs rolling to the stage.A great line up of rock and roll bands. Anonymous

I'm a girl who was at all 3 Superbowl of rock shows. Was at Thornton fractional south high school Lansing Il. Great memories..


I can't believe this blog exists. I was just talking with a friend about the Nugent/Skynyrd concert and found this...How cool. It was a very hot day. I slept overnight to get a good seat as this was a general admission concert. Back in the day concerts were so inexpensive, you got so see all of the acts for practically nothing,how times have changed. I remember 38 special getting booed off the stage. Journey 100% had Steve Perry at this concert and announced him as their new lead singer after a couple of songs. REO was a Chicagoland band and had a huge following in our area. This was well before REO commercialized and were just a straight forward rock band "You get what you play for". Lynyrd Skynyrd performed well. Nugent rocked of course, and I have to share my milk jug story. Oh they were flying alright. I saw one fly over my head filled with a dark liquid which I don't think was chocolate milk if you know what I mean and watched it just splat this young ladies back,yuck. It did resemble a giant popcorn machine in which we were the kernels baking in the sun. It was so packed with humanity. I was just 16 and remember it being something I would never forget. Years later on The Score radio station with with Mike North, Ted Nugent was a guest. I was lucky enough to get to speak with him on the air and asked him if he remembered the "milk jug incident" he said "yes" and that he said if any MF hit him, he would have one of his 95,000 friends kick their a**. After this concert, Soldier Field banned milk jugs, which was really sad,because the next year the Rolling Stones played there with the "Miss You" tour. It was another scorcher. Mick actually had a firehose and cooled off the thankful first couple of rows with water. Soldier Field at the time was so underprepared with restroom facilities and vendors. Having water would have been welcomed. Just goes to show how couple of bad apples can ruin something...But if you are going to ruin it, you might as well make it memorable, which according to this blog,was achieved.

This was my FIRST concert and I was 14. We went the night before at like 2 in the morning and stood in line till the cattle gates opened at 8AM ish. It was complete chaos getting in. We ended up around the 50 yard line on the field. The bands were all great except .38 special. They sucked and got booed back South!! It was smoking hot, people crowded us in, and we shared each others stuff all day including water and whatever else :) When the jugs flew, I got hit at LEAST 20 times. SOmetimes y jugs that were half full. Thats a 4 lb missle hitting you. Didnt feel a thing! :):). Some chick passed out on our blanket and I think we played Doctor with her for a while!


Got there at 6am. Took the Southshore RR from Hammond.So many people on the tain it was free!!! Started getting high by 6:30. The Rockets got booed off of the stage, not 38 special. Don't forget Black Oak Arkansas was there with Ruby Starr. Ted Nugent had to stop playing so thay could sweep all of the gallon milk jugs that were on the stage, he said, Chicago, You are some crazy Mother Fuckers!!!! I'll never forget that summer, tons of fun!!

I had camped out the night before and partied all night. In the morning our ride came to get us and I just got up and collapsed in the back seat. When I got to the concert I realized I had NO SHOES! Spent whole day walking through puke and stepping on lit cigarettes. I remember milk jugs going everywhere like popcorn during stranglehold until ted sang "sometimes u wanna get higher and sometimes u wanna throw those fuckin milk cartons". Then they started going forward in waves to the stage where they couldn't keep hem cleared with push brooms. Unreal scene!!


Date was Sunday July 10, 1977 - I remember on the way to the concert that morning riding the CTA down Archer Ave and realizing that no liquor was sold before noon in Chicago on Sunday and I had forgotten to pick up beer the night before. Perry was introduced as their new singer and the red jump suit did him no favor with this crowd, but his voice was incredible. .38 Special did get booed off stage, fans just restless for bigger acts on that day…Ted was awesome…day before my 18th birthday. Good times


I was there. Sat in the south horseshoe so had a good view of the milk jugs marching forward. One of my first shows; seen a ton since. This stands up as one of the best.
And I saw the next UFO/Seger/Derringer/Frampton show. Quite humorous how when milk jugs started flying Frampton stopped the show, pleaded people to stop with the jugs and said, "If you stop we'll play 'Do you feel like we do'. Which he did. People stopped with the jugs just cause they were so appalled that he was such a pussy. Derringer and Seger stole the show.

Steve , class of "71"  

I remember the Frampton one, he was a pussy about the water jugs being thrown......Does anyone remember Bob Segers sax player ( by the way he is still with them) all of a sudden you see him playing on top of a 60 tower speaker ?

I was partially responsible for those milk jugs flying around that day with the previous Rolling stones concert they were confiscating all milk jugs of water and there was a virtual mountain of them by the line for the water fountain. it was hot as hell that day. after waiting in line for what seemed like forever and i was missing the show, i said to everyone around me lets link arms and charge that pile,they can't catch all of us.there were only 2 cops by the water bottles -we rushed the pile and i got away with 4 jugs. only had 2 by the time i got back to my seat.everyone was yelling hey he's got water and tried to steal them from me.after that they allowed only sealed from the store jugs of water in. i remember the popcorn popper effect at Nugent- they had to stop the show several times to sweep the jugs of the stage. Nugent said "if you mother****ers throw one more bottle up here i'm
leaving. just then a jug came sailing up on stage and hit him in the head. he did not leave-the show went on.


No name . Was at Comisky Jam 1979 ( journey ,Santana, thin lizzy, money, moly hatchet). Very packed and intimadating. Huge show of police do to recent disco demolation show. Was there mainly for the Lizzy Boys.How about 1980 Rockford Jams ( heart, Judas Priest,scorpions, joe perry project). Than the next was( sabbath, blue oyster,mollly hatchet) what line ups.

I'm not sure why, but today I was thinking about the Super Bowl of Rock-III. Couldn't remember much except Terrible Ted, REO, Skynard playing freebird and those water bottles!! So I went on line to see what I could find and lo and behold found this site with all these amazing memories! It was truly a wild time. I was one of the passed out drunks by noon. When I came to I climbed up on my friends shoulders and promptly fell off, landing in some guys lap....his girlfriend tried tearing my hair out! Whoa Chicklette!! I was about mid field and it was so frickin hot that's when the fire hoses came out and the water bottles. What a rush, laying in that guys lap looking up seeing the bottles fly around. It was like a human popcorn popper!! Thanks to one and all for the memories!! And yes the bands were fab! Love Ted to this day :)



just read that Gary RichRath of REO has passed

rest in peace



Hey Richard

I remember Da Nuge saying

I got a lot of friends out there if you hit me


one of the best concerts!!!!



Peter Tosh, Journey, and Southside Johnny and the Ashbury Dukes were there also...I think I remember REO Speedwagon also performing...


Little Stevie Wonder ~ 1972

Mark from Elmwood Park  

It was July 1977. I was a 15 year old and it was my first concert and went to see "Yes" soon after. But that day in Chicago was awesome. Somehow I found my way to one of the boxes overlooking the crowd. This one girl's dad from grammar school got us into the box. I got to watch you guys throw milk cartons. The greatest moment though was when the birds to "Freebird" started chirping. Oh man. From where I was sitting, the crowd simmered and these birds where floating from high above the stadium everywhere. Then Freebird started...better than REO, better than Cat scratch that day. The only thing that compares to the birds chirping in Freebird are the horns playing in the Stones "you can't always get what you want". The birds chirping are a memory none of us will forget.

Dave W (Face) Super Bowl of Rock concerts, wow, what a while ago. Pink Floyd flipped me out. Do I believe, now I do. After the concert, everyone tripping, does anyone remember the guy with the megaphone telling everyone they're all going to go to hell. All I can remember about him was, he does not know anything about anything and that he should go to hell. Talk about a trip, been to a lot of concerts, nothing compare's except the other two pink floyd concerts I've been to, animals in Hugh Stadium in Sacramento and the other one in Oakland. Anyhow, remember the Nugent concert too, was with friends, way up in the nosebleed section, can never forget the gallon milk jugs being tossed towards the stage while Nugent played, looked like the stadium was popping popcorn. People were also whipping around full jugs and some people were getting hit with them. Fireworks were also around, came out of nowhere. Glad my friends and myself didn't get hurt at that concert, was kind of rowdy. That's enough, Trip/believe. DW


The things I remember about this show were that 38 special did open the show. They had what appeared to be roadies on stage with large cardboard boxes throwing out what looked to be half gallon size bags of pot into the audience, who knows what it was. They were new pretty and unheard of locally but I don't "remember " anyone booing them. Their set wasn't memorable, I think most people wanted to see Ted.

I vaguely remember Journey. Journey announcing a new singer? Maybe. It sounds right but that was 39 years ago, and I really wasn't into them.

Reo's "Golden Country" and "Riding the Storm out" were big hits with the crowd. This is when the show really started to get GOOD, second wind from the heat.

Lynyrd Skynyrd for the second time in 2 years came out with their volume noticeably lower than the rest of the bands. The first time was at the 3rd show of the world series of rock with Yes, Gary wright and Peter Frampton in 1976 at Hawthorne Race track. Skynard was really good like the previous year but still "less loud".

Ted did swing out on the stage once or twice like Tarzan, I missed the first time. He did mention the women in his typical way. He also threaten (jokingly) the jug throwers with all his friends out there. And man there was a bunch of jugs flying at the stage, I think there may have been 2 waves the first definitely more than the second. Stranglehold and "Just what the Doctor Ordered" were definitely well received. Ted did take the show. Reo second even though I like Skynard better.

It was HOT, but the nice people we were sitting behind were passing around a jug making it bearable, but it wasn't water, might have been sangria. There was a lot of illegal substances being passed around . I don't recall any people getting violent, most people were pretty well behaved. It was loud there but we were in the lower stands so not too loud. Everyone one sounded Good , 38 special didn't seem to have much of a stage presence compared to the rest. I'm sure the 80000+ audience had something to do with it. Did someone from Skynard introduce 38 special ? maybe Ronnie since his brother Donnie was in 38 special?

Chuck K New Trier West 80  

We arrived around 10AM it was a hot day but I don't recall it being scorching. While walking past the Soldier Field sign somebody had changed it to say "DO DRUGS" Nice. Got in was on the left side 40 yard line 38 Special was playing never heard of them. We wedged our way to the left side of the stage for Journey. Don't remember any of it. Then for REO we made our way back where we were originally and they jammed and were well received. Skynyrd was next and Van Zant had a broken ankle, they IMO were the stars of the show. Totally rocked. Place was crazy for Free Bird. By the time Nugent got on the stage it was starting to get dark. During Wang Dang the milk jugs started flying. There were literally tens of thousands of them flying at once like a popcorn machine. I saw a half full bottle of Jack Daniels flying through the air. Total Chaos. There were so many amps and sound equipment the only person you could see where we were was the Nuge. Wish I could go back, amazing show. I was 16 yrs old. A sidebar, we were driving back from Michigan the night of Floyd. My dad said "I think the Kennedy is torn up, let's take the outer drive!" Bad decision-we were in gridlock traffic forever a gazillion people everywhere a big pink pig flying above the stadium PINK FLOYD on the sign.


Correction - SBoR Game 3 was 07/10/77