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Welcome to the 70's

Posted by Artster63

When you hear a song from your youth, do you kickback and reminisce what you were doing that summer? Does it remind you of a first love? Can you still smell the raspberry incense burning while you were listening to your favorite album or 8-track tape? For me it's a resounding Yeesss!

Every time I hear Crazy on You by Heart I think of summer camp. Or when I watch a movie like "Dazed and Confused", I actually slip back to my teens and remember cruising around doing absolutely nothing or buying the beer because I was the one that looked old enough. Partying in the woods and blasting the Led Zep, Blue Oyster Cult or The Floyd (aka Pink Floyd). That's what this blog is all about. Remembering the carefree existence of being a teen in the 70's.

Join me as I recollect the 70's as a preteen and teen. The music, the concerts, the posters and the TV shows will all be here and I'm sure my memories will ignite your memories if only to put a silly grin on your face.

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