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Just a side note to let you all know what takes up my time when I'm not listening to the "Classics".

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One Hit Wonders: Part 2

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Here's the second installment of... One Hit Wonders of the 1970's. After hearing from you I've decided to be more selective with the choices to play on this blog. Some of the songs on my original list crossed in to other "genres" from the era, i.e. Soul, Funk, Easy Listening and even Country & Western. In keeping with the feel and theme of this blog, I present you with videos of some true classic 70's hits. Enjoy!!

Note: Keep an eye out for a "NEW" classic player containing other hits like: "Why Can't We Live Together", "Dueling Banjos", "Seasons In The Sun" and "Midnight At The Oasis".

The best company is "Bad Company"

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Paul Rodgers, the creative genius behind the late 60's/early 70's British blues/rock group FREE and songs like "All Right Now", went on to form Bad Company in 1974 and released their self-titled album. Fast forward 2 years to 1976 and the Artster was jammin' in the basement, headphones on playing air guitar in front of the mirror. On the turntable was the album I had purchased earlier that day, "Straight Shooter" with "Feel Like Makin' Love" blasting in my ears. At that moment I was Paul Rodgers, in concert with the fans cheering me on. Only I was a one man band playing not only lead guitar, but the drums and rhythm section also. What a weird sight that must have been. Mom would poke her head downstairs and look at me with this semi-concerned, "I've gotta get him checked out", look on her face.

There were plenty of the band's tunes to rock to like, "Bad Company", "Cant' Get Enough", "Rock-n-Roll Fantasy" and "Rock Steady". And as my show would wind down, sweat falling from my brow, I would break out into a couple of ballads like "Shooting Star" and "Burnin' Sky" to close with. Time for dinner.

Another memory of that time was my neighbor Scott. He was a few years older than me and a big time rocker. The thing I remember most is that this dude looked like Mick Jagger. Lips and all. Scott was cool though. A karate welding heavy rocker he was. His room had rock posters all over it and a tapestry strung along the ceiling of huge marijuana leaves. Lava lamps, black lights and a huge, kick-ass Pioneer stereo system that I could hear from my house, blasting on the weekend. We would hang out in the backyard and he would only let me come over if I brought my Bad Company album with. That album got so much play the grooves wore down. He bought me a replacement in the form of a hi-tech cassette with Dolby sound. Whatever, at the time I felt jipped going from my big, black covered album to a little plastic cassette. As it turned out I wore the cassette out as well.

By the way, if you thought I was a "dork" for playing air guitar, check this guy out.

Bad Company had some awesome music in the 70's and forever in my memory will be the bluesy rock sound piping through my headphones.

One Hit Wonders Part 1

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I'm presenting to you the first in a 5 part series of... One Hit Wonders from the 1970's. Some of these songs/groups were so great you wonder how they didn't stick around. People, there's plenty of memories here for you to enjoy. Please feel free to share your thoughts if a certain song reminds you of something great or in the least a "warm fuzzy". These are considered Pop/Rock classics. Back in those days that was the genre. Enjoy! I will share subsequent listings alternately.

Videos (For the visual blogger)

Music Player (For the "I just need to hear it" blogger)

A Quickie of Soft Rock Videos

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To end this great Father's Day weekend with.

From one to others.... Happy Father's Day

Queens of Rock I: Heart

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The first time I remember hearing "Crazy on You" was in 1976, on a transistor radio, when I was at a summer camp up near Green Lake, WI. The acoustical guitar riffs in the beginning blew me away from the get go. Then the voice of the rock goddess, Ann Wilson, coming on is the ultimate in a Queens of Rock moment.

Now take a trip with me. An era of "male dominated" rock superstars like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, even the lesser known Mahogony Rush, etc., controlling the air waves with their hard hitting, guitar driven rock styles. Then you hear this incredible, smooth velvet with a dash of rash, female voice belting out some heart-felt lyrics accompanied by a guitar playing it's own story. Man alive I can't stand it. It flows through you trembling, then awakening every cell of your being. That's how Heart's music affects me. As we used to say, "to the bone". You're compelled to turn the volume up in an effort to hear every crisp lyric and pounding note.
Then along came "Magic Man". Again with the screaming guitar and the infusion of the voice. Just awesome! Incredible!! I've got goosebumps people!! How can this music not move you.

Well when I got back home I was asking my buds who the group was. What's the name of the album? I think I even tried to call the radio station to find out... all lines busy. Finally the DJ announced it after playing the song. Heart, short and sweet. I went straight to the Woolworth's and bought "Dreamboat Annie". I would of paid the $7.95 for the cover picture alone. These girls were HOT. I must have played that album over and over until I memorized every word of every song.

My hats off to Ann and Nancy Wilson on providing millions with an avenue to sit back and recollect the times and era that was the mid 70's. They've graced us with years of awesome hits; "Barracuda", "Heartless", "Straight On" and "Dog and Butterfly". You can thank them for the memories these songs bring to you. I will thank them for mine at "summer camp 1976". The campfires, the horseback riding, the swimming and row-boating on the lake in the warm summer sun. A care-free, trouble-free existence at the time. Thanks Ann and Nancy.

It is said that the girls had a target in mind for their success and that was to top the charts as Led Zeppelin had done. Over time the competition became an admiration for the group they would later incorporate covers of into their performances. I found one that I'd like to share as a "congratulatory moment" that Heart had reached there goal. Here is "Stairway To Heaven".

Some classics. More to come....

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Journey... Let the memories flow!

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The wheel in the skyyyyy....turnin' turnin' turnin'... - Steve Perry

When Journey added Steve Perry's high-pitched pipes... history was made. He has one of the most distinct voices in rock. Journey's Infinity album was their stepping stone to international stardom and one of my personal favorites.

The songs, "Lights", "Wheel in the Sky" and "Winds of March" are all classic rock ballads in their own right. These were the tunes I would play when my buddies and I were hanging out. Sitting on the front porch, in the old neighborhood, with my boom box playing the coolest rock station of the time, The LOOP, WLUP 97.9 FM, in Chicago. For some odd reason I always picture the sun during the early evening going down when I hear these songs.

Do you ever imagine things like that or maybe smells or a specific season when you hear a song from your past. Incredible thing, this relating songs to moments in our lives. I love it. I'm still a teen when I listen to the music.

Follow up albums "Evolution", Departure" and "Escape" kept the group at the top of the charts with songs like "Dixie Highway", "Walks Like Lady" and "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'".

R.E.O - "You Get What You Play For"

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This was the first rock album I ever bought. After the Super Bowl of Rock I was hooked. When I saw this album and that it was a "Live" recording, too cool. I think I wore the grooves out on two of these playing the air guitar in the basement.

A closer look at the songs and styling of the sound and this album is the epitome of arena rock in the 70's. Ridin' The Storm Out and 157 Riverside Avenue, with Kevin and Gary dueling, singer vs. guitar, how kickass is that. And then Golden Country. Imagine a summer evening. The sun laying on the horizon. You can still feel the heat from the earth rising before the night cools. This song playing as you watch. That's my memory of this album. Visualizing what I'd experienced from the concert as the music played on my headphones.

You know to this day I can smell the Hawaiian Tropic everyone was wearing. Imagine that as you watch these videos. Enjoy.

Ridin' the Storm Out

Golden Country

Keep Pushin'