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The best company is "Bad Company"

Posted by Artster63

Paul Rodgers, the creative genius behind the late 60's/early 70's British blues/rock group FREE and songs like "All Right Now", went on to form Bad Company in 1974 and released their self-titled album. Fast forward 2 years to 1976 and the Artster was jammin' in the basement, headphones on playing air guitar in front of the mirror. On the turntable was the album I had purchased earlier that day, "Straight Shooter" with "Feel Like Makin' Love" blasting in my ears. At that moment I was Paul Rodgers, in concert with the fans cheering me on. Only I was a one man band playing not only lead guitar, but the drums and rhythm section also. What a weird sight that must have been. Mom would poke her head downstairs and look at me with this semi-concerned, "I've gotta get him checked out", look on her face.

There were plenty of the band's tunes to rock to like, "Bad Company", "Cant' Get Enough", "Rock-n-Roll Fantasy" and "Rock Steady". And as my show would wind down, sweat falling from my brow, I would break out into a couple of ballads like "Shooting Star" and "Burnin' Sky" to close with. Time for dinner.

Another memory of that time was my neighbor Scott. He was a few years older than me and a big time rocker. The thing I remember most is that this dude looked like Mick Jagger. Lips and all. Scott was cool though. A karate welding heavy rocker he was. His room had rock posters all over it and a tapestry strung along the ceiling of huge marijuana leaves. Lava lamps, black lights and a huge, kick-ass Pioneer stereo system that I could hear from my house, blasting on the weekend. We would hang out in the backyard and he would only let me come over if I brought my Bad Company album with. That album got so much play the grooves wore down. He bought me a replacement in the form of a hi-tech cassette with Dolby sound. Whatever, at the time I felt jipped going from my big, black covered album to a little plastic cassette. As it turned out I wore the cassette out as well.

By the way, if you thought I was a "dork" for playing air guitar, check this guy out.

Bad Company had some awesome music in the 70's and forever in my memory will be the bluesy rock sound piping through my headphones.

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What? Think you are a geek for playing air guitar? DUDE! I think you are the male version of me in 1976!!!! I was in a serious car accident in '76 (I'm ok obviously) and when I came to "Feel Like Making Love" was playing, so whenever I hear that song I flash back to that.

One question...your friend Scott looks like Jagger and you make that sound like a negative...Jagger is was and will always be hot - he's Mick Jagger!

@ Yashar,
Glad you enjoyed. Yes they do Rock! More of this to come.

Uh, first off I said "dork" not "geek". In my mind there's some sort of a difference between those two. Not sure what it is. In either case thanks for sharing your relationship between song and memory(-ies). I can still remember having to tape nickels on the turntable needle arm, because the porch was a little unbalanced and the needle always wanted to travel a bit.

An to be honest, I've never gotten the whole Mick Jagger mystique thing. Great music and performer yes, but...? Remember the line in Good Morning Vietnam? "Is it just me or does Mick Jagger look like a photo negative of Little Richard?" Now that I can see.


Post thought: Uh-oh, I guess that means my neighbor Scott also looks like a photo negative of Little Richard. Just great!

I remember being at a kegger when I was a freshman and a popular older girl who was really hammered was listening to "Can't Get Enough" standing by the turntable and she turned around and told me with such conviction, "I just love that he knows what he wants." Haha ha ha...

Art, I completely forgot about Bad Company...thanks for the to listen to music now....- Nards

That's crazy. But you know that's why I love the music so much... it's those isolated moments in time that remind us of something/anything when we hear the tunes.

Thanks for stopping by.