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Journey... Let the memories flow!

Posted by Artster63

The wheel in the skyyyyy....turnin' turnin' turnin'... - Steve Perry

When Journey added Steve Perry's high-pitched pipes... history was made. He has one of the most distinct voices in rock. Journey's Infinity album was their stepping stone to international stardom and one of my personal favorites.

The songs, "Lights", "Wheel in the Sky" and "Winds of March" are all classic rock ballads in their own right. These were the tunes I would play when my buddies and I were hanging out. Sitting on the front porch, in the old neighborhood, with my boom box playing the coolest rock station of the time, The LOOP, WLUP 97.9 FM, in Chicago. For some odd reason I always picture the sun during the early evening going down when I hear these songs.

Do you ever imagine things like that or maybe smells or a specific season when you hear a song from your past. Incredible thing, this relating songs to moments in our lives. I love it. I'm still a teen when I listen to the music.

Follow up albums "Evolution", Departure" and "Escape" kept the group at the top of the charts with songs like "Dixie Highway", "Walks Like Lady" and "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'".

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Hi,this is Bob Griffin.My blog is though it would seem by the name of my blog that I'm a 'jazzbow' and Ido love jazz,I'm actually a child of the 70's and love all of these groups.I have a question for you.What was the group that Journey guitarist Neal Schon was a member of before joining Journey?

Hey Bob,

Thanks for stopping by and definitely not a problem with the "Jazz". I was actually watching a YouTube of The Dave Brubeck Quartet, circa 1961, playing a little number called "Take Five". Just Awesome!

Neal was with Santana and brought Gregg Rolie to play keyboards as well.

Take care.

Yes,as Ed McMahon would have said
" You are correct sir!" Neal Schon was in Santana and did bring Gregg Rolie in on keyboards.
Also,Dave Brubeck and 'Take Five'
Very cool.That is what make Youtube so awesome.
Thanks,love your site.I'll be back often.