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Queens of Rock I: Heart

Posted by Artster63

The first time I remember hearing "Crazy on You" was in 1976, on a transistor radio, when I was at a summer camp up near Green Lake, WI. The acoustical guitar riffs in the beginning blew me away from the get go. Then the voice of the rock goddess, Ann Wilson, coming on is the ultimate in a Queens of Rock moment.

Now take a trip with me. An era of "male dominated" rock superstars like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, even the lesser known Mahogony Rush, etc., controlling the air waves with their hard hitting, guitar driven rock styles. Then you hear this incredible, smooth velvet with a dash of rash, female voice belting out some heart-felt lyrics accompanied by a guitar playing it's own story. Man alive I can't stand it. It flows through you trembling, then awakening every cell of your being. That's how Heart's music affects me. As we used to say, "to the bone". You're compelled to turn the volume up in an effort to hear every crisp lyric and pounding note.
Then along came "Magic Man". Again with the screaming guitar and the infusion of the voice. Just awesome! Incredible!! I've got goosebumps people!! How can this music not move you.

Well when I got back home I was asking my buds who the group was. What's the name of the album? I think I even tried to call the radio station to find out... all lines busy. Finally the DJ announced it after playing the song. Heart, short and sweet. I went straight to the Woolworth's and bought "Dreamboat Annie". I would of paid the $7.95 for the cover picture alone. These girls were HOT. I must have played that album over and over until I memorized every word of every song.

My hats off to Ann and Nancy Wilson on providing millions with an avenue to sit back and recollect the times and era that was the mid 70's. They've graced us with years of awesome hits; "Barracuda", "Heartless", "Straight On" and "Dog and Butterfly". You can thank them for the memories these songs bring to you. I will thank them for mine at "summer camp 1976". The campfires, the horseback riding, the swimming and row-boating on the lake in the warm summer sun. A care-free, trouble-free existence at the time. Thanks Ann and Nancy.

It is said that the girls had a target in mind for their success and that was to top the charts as Led Zeppelin had done. Over time the competition became an admiration for the group they would later incorporate covers of into their performances. I found one that I'd like to share as a "congratulatory moment" that Heart had reached there goal. Here is "Stairway To Heaven".

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I found your blog via Layla's Classic Rock Faves. I've been a fan of Heart's for the last 25 years or so. I saw them recently on A&E's Private Sessions. They opened with "Crazy On You". Ann sounds as good as ever and Nancy can still do those kicks and spins like only she can.

It's a shame that they aren't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because they are more than deserving.

Couldn't agree with you more on their having a spot in the "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame". I'm looking forward to seeing Heart this summer with Journey and Cheap Trick. A step back in time.

What do their hits remind you of?

When I hear Heart, I am sometimes reminded of an incident involving an ex-girlfriend. Because she was a fan of their music too, I bought her a poster of Ann and Nancy Wilson for her dorm room. One day we got into an argument (about what I couldn't tell you). Anyway, in a fit of rage, my girlfriend tore down all of her posters on the wall. Not only did the Ann and Nancy poster bite the dust, but so did all of her Bon Jovi posters (she was really into him/them). Although I was sorry to see the Ann and Nancy one go because they were looking hot in it, I didn't shed any tears over the Bon Jovi posters being destroyed.

Nice that you mentioned Heart. I run a Heart blog myself if you want to check it out. These ladies have been around for 30 years and have had hits in the 70's, 80's and 90's. They are actually touring this summer with Journey and Cheap Trick on a nationwide tour! Great blog here. :)



Bummer, though I have some songs that I immediately relate to the "not so pleasant moments" in life as well.

Keep rockin' dude.


That's a long time to be rockin' and still have the emotion and magic come across in the tunes. I checked the website and it's awesome. Well done. I'll be thinking of you all, NOT, when I'm at the concert on July 25th here in San Antone.