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R.E.O - "You Get What You Play For"

Posted by Artster63

This was the first rock album I ever bought. After the Super Bowl of Rock I was hooked. When I saw this album and that it was a "Live" recording, too cool. I think I wore the grooves out on two of these playing the air guitar in the basement.

A closer look at the songs and styling of the sound and this album is the epitome of arena rock in the 70's. Ridin' The Storm Out and 157 Riverside Avenue, with Kevin and Gary dueling, singer vs. guitar, how kickass is that. And then Golden Country. Imagine a summer evening. The sun laying on the horizon. You can still feel the heat from the earth rising before the night cools. This song playing as you watch. That's my memory of this album. Visualizing what I'd experienced from the concert as the music played on my headphones.

You know to this day I can smell the Hawaiian Tropic everyone was wearing. Imagine that as you watch these videos. Enjoy.

Ridin' the Storm Out

Golden Country

Keep Pushin'

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