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Bad Company, Fudge Company

Posted by Artster63

I received this video from John at I thought it was hilarious. Hope you do too.

Wordless Wednesday

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Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats performing at Live AID in 1985


The Boomtown Rats
(Note: Lower your volume before clicking)


One Hit Wonders: Part 3

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Had to weed out the disco and such (I'll surprise you with that one later) and narrow it down to these finalists.

Which song sparks a memory for you?

Queens of Rock II: Stevie Nicks

Posted by Artster63

Now here's a "Queen of Rock" totally deserving of a top slot on the list. I LOVE STEVIE NICKS!! There. I've said it and gotten it out of the way. You know that poster hanging in my shrine at the bottom of the page? Well it lasted about 4 months and was replaced by one of this lady.

"Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night
And wouldn't you love to love her"

I was in love with Stevie before the hook up with Mick and the fam. My uncle Chuck had a copy of BuckinghamNicks and it seemed it was always playing whenever I'd visit. I'd listen to tunes like Lola, Crystal, Stephanie and Frozen Love. It actually was a great album. I remember thinking I wanted to hear more of this girl, because the guy seemed to dominate a majority of the songs. I later read in a book by Mick Fleetwood entitled "My Life and Adventures In Fleetwood Mac", that this was in fact the relationship between Lindsey and Stevie. The dominant and submissive.

"Takes to the sky like a bird in flight
And who will be her lover"

I was fortunate enough to see Fleetwood Mac when they rolled through Chicago during that infamous "Summer of '77". I had of course heard the Rumours album hits getting regular air play, but to be there in person was incredible. Playing primarily hits from their, then, recent album and some of the old-school Fleetwood blues. Then whenever Stevie would belt out one of those awesome tunes, that seemed to possess her, the hair on my arms would stand up. Yes I had hair on my arms at that age.

"All your life you've never seen a woman
Taken by the wind"

With her chiffon waving arms, high-stepping, platform boots, Stevie knocked me out in anything I saw her in, whether it was a mini-documentary, a Midnight Special Show, an interview or my good 'ol MTV. I would try to catch her in everything. If I had something else going on but she was scheduled to be on TV, "Cancel it! I'm staying home. Sorry guys not feeling too good tonight". Oh, like you've never done that?

"Would you stay if she promised you heaven
Will you ever win"

As the years passed and she started her solo career I was buying all the albums and thank God for VHS. Live concerts I could watch in the comfort of my own home. Too cool! We all watched as Stevie grew up and was doing her own thing. Having as much success as with Fleetwood Mac and maybe even more, because she was doing it all herself. I felt like a proud dad, even though she's about 10 years my senior. The albums and videos I've collected of Stevie's, are like a scrapbook of a time when music was all I focused on. Listening and memorizing each word and drum beat. Each strike of a guitar chord and there were some great ones.

"She is like a cat in the dark
And then she is the darkness
She rules her life like a fine skylark
And when the sky is starless"

I hope you enjoy the following videos as much and as many times as I have.

May I Have A Little "Aqualung" With That Please?

Posted by Artster63

What the heck is an Aqualung anyway?
Aq·ua-Lung: noun a device (trade name Aqua-Lung) that lets divers breathe under water; from L. aqua "water" + lung. Developed by Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan, 1943.
(Provided by

That being said, in 1971 the word took on a whole new meaning for legions of teens and trippers. It was the title track for Jethro Tull's breakthrough album and coincidentally the album I lite-fingered from my neighbor Scott. And what a choice addition it made to my somewhat small collection at the time. FYI, Aqualung is the name of the homeless character in the song and again mentioned in "Cross-Eyed Mary".

The whimsical sounds of another time played in the form of rock for all to enjoy. Once again a merging of the past and the present to create the "Progressive Rock" genre. That's what I remember the early seventies to be. Moving from the psychedelic to the progressive. The experimentation of the instruments and sound to create something unique. It was so unique every band worth mentioning were a part of this group.

The flute, bass and lead guitars, drums and a required synthesizer coupled with an incredibly talented and theatrical lead singer belting out tunes that sound like they were written in the Medieval or Renaissance periods, for me, is what sets Jethro Tull apart from the rest. Watch the videos and listen to the lyrics. Stories of old beggars, vagabonds and one's perception of their existence. A grown man, standing their with a flute to his lips, one foot propped on his opposing knee. This is how I came to recognize Ian Anderson and The Tull.

Sure there were other groups much more popular who received much more radio play than Tull, but don't you agree it's worth the price of the album to enjoy their imprint on the surface of Rock and Roll? Well, apparently the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and N.A.R.M. think so. Their album Agualung ranked 159 on the "Definitive 200" list of most influential and popular albums. That's big people.

Jethro Tull definitely one of the top on my list of 70's Classic Rock Favorites. I came across this Lucia Micarelli and Jethro Tull doing Zeppelins' Kashmir, while searching for vids. It gave me goose bumps and my wife actually teared up when I showed her. What's your response?

What better way is there to leave this post and your thoughts then with the Tull hit "Living In The Past".

"And the winner is......" Pop Culture Dish, Presented by Malcolm

Posted by Artster63

With 2 simple words "Rare Earth" Malcolm of Pop Culture Dish, Presented by Malcolm won the first ever Guess This Classic Rock Group contest at 70's Classic Rock. His first guess of MC5 was so good I double checked who my post was on. This guy definitely knows his music and apparently a hell of alot more.

The Lowdown:

Website: Pop Culture Dish, Presented by Malcolm
Author/Owner: Malcolm (aka ultfan)

I visited Pop Culture Dish a couple of days ago to get some idea of what it was about. I realized quickly this blog was about everything - pop culture and then some. I read new posts and old posts. I laughed and said "Wow, I didn't know that" alot. It's been about a year and a half since its inception and the blog has developed into something great with a solid following.

A snippet of the categories covers titles like Commercials, Music, Movies and his challenging Trivia Games. My favorite of course is music and boy does he cover it. He's got Bill Haley and His Comets preceded by Prince whose preceded by Hot Musical Ladies of the 80s with my personal favorite hottie - Susannah Hoffs of The Bangles.

It's hard to stop reading the posts. The titles pull you in and the next thing you know it's ten minutes later and your laughing at the comments or his responses to the comments. Regular commentators give it a community feel within this great blogosphere we reside in. If your looking for some facts, fun, videos, music or anything else, you need to check out this site.

As I was scanning through I saw images flashing before me of The Rockford Files, WKRP In Cinncinatti, In Living Color, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Laverne Baker, Rodney Allen Rippy. He's got Polls, Tuesday Trivia and a very cool Thursday Thirteen segment.

Like many blogs we come across, we read the posts and the presentation of information and can get a feeling of who the author is. Having visited this website, I would gladly buy Malcolm a beer, a coffee or a movie ticket, because he just seems like that cool guy you'd like to hangout with.

Folks for me, this is my new Wikipedia. Malcolm and Pop Culture Dish are an awesome, entertaining and educational team that will keep you captivated for hours. Pay a visit to this site and you'll surely get hooked.

*If you have visited or are a regular to Pop Culture Dish, by Malcolm, please leave your thoughts and/or props in the comment section below.

Rare Earth: (Pure Funk + R&B + Soul) = Classic Rock

Posted by Artster63

Rare Earth is one of just a few groups that I didn't really get into until I was hitting my twenties. I'd heard the music on the radio when I was younger. Their big hit covers of Get Ready, I'm Losin' You and I Just Want To Celebrate blasting the speaker on my little transistor radio. But when I started listening to them on my big, bad stereo system when I was older, it was a totally different experience. Much better!!! I'd crank up the volume like nobody's business. Especially the 21 minute version of Get Ready. We're talking about not wanting the song to end. Are you freakin' kidding me. I made a 53 minute cassette from that 21 minute song. Man I wish I still had that.

The story goes that the original "Temptations" tune was really just 3 minutes long. One of the guys added a solo to it, then everyone wanted a solo and so we wind up with a 21 minute long rocking jam session. As I write this I'm listening to this version and Rare Earth definitely made this song their own by adding the solos. Thank god for headphones. I'm catching every instrument and note. (internal voice: "Open your eyes Art and finish the post!!!). As I open my eyes, I see my wife standing there with a wrinkled lip, kinda like a bad Elvis imitation pointing her finger at my LCD. "Yes dear!!"

I'm deliberately offering this song seperate from the others because it's my favorite. Before you play it, do me and yourself a favor and put your headphones on. Turn the volume up about 2 notches past where you would normally have it. Put your mouse on the arrow. Close your eyes. Now hit play.

Did you bounce your foot? Bob your head? Play air guitar? Drums? Keyborads or sax? If you did then welcome to Artster's world.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for inducing "Baby-Boomers Syndrome" -which is the need to wail your body about in a form of dance only you yourself can interpret.

Hailing from the Detroit area, a major influence of course was Motown Records. You know, come to think of it Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels and Grand Funk Railroad all had the same influence. Through their mix of R&B and Rock they created a genre unlike any other.

Uh-oh. Tobacco Road just started. Hard, bluesy, just awesome.

I've mentioned earlier in my blog posts that as a kid growing up in South Chicago and the East Side, I primarily listened to whatever WLS-AM radio had to offer. There was a lot of Chi-Lites, Delfonics classics and Aretha Franklin as well as Chicago, Foghat and Bad Company. Rare Earth fused these styles together to form a very unique and incredibly infectious sound that it took 10 years for me to appreciate.

Rare Earth recorded an album virtually every year during the seventies. Though their popularity seemed to dwindle as new genres emerged and the second British invasion or is it the third came on in the eighties, for this music loving blogger Rare Earth is the ultimate result in this equation (Pure Funk + R&B + Soul) = Classic Rock.

Ding, Ding, Ding - We have a winner!!!

Posted by Artster63

Congratulations to Malcolm of Pop Culture Dish, Presented by Malcolm. "Rare Earth" is his guess and right on the money. I don't know? He's from Michigan. Their from the Detroit area. Maybe some stricter rules next time. Just kidding. There's no way around the fact that this guy knows his classic rock music. His first guess of "MC5" made me double check who my post was on.

Thank you to those who participated. I can see I'm dealing with a whole different level of trivia players.

The prize: A write-up of Malcolm's site this Friday for the full weekend exposure.

Thanks again all.

Have a great day.

Can You Guess Who this Classic Rock Group is?

Posted by Artster63

Sorry guys, I'm a little traveled out this weekend, so I'm laying low. However, I want to share a very cool website, my friend Barbara @ Layla's Classic Rock turned me onto. It's called "Wordle" and below is a sample of what you can create on it.

This collage is of the group for my next post. Can you guess who it is?
The winner gets a quick write-up of their blog on a future post here at 70's Classic Rock.

So come on, take a guess!!!! (Click on image to view larger)

Note: The contest ends when I post my article of this group on July 16th. Good luck!!!

***Click on "Comments" below for additional hints ***

Summer Jams I: The Isle of Wight - 8.26.70

Posted by Artster63

Over the years I had heard of "The Isle of Wight" when great groups like The Doors, E.L.P. and The Who were mentioned. I would dismiss it as just another concert scene kind of like a "Woodstock". As it turns out is was actually bigger than Woodstock, Live Aid and Summer Jam at Watkins Glen during it's run. It actually had run 3 festival dates from 1968 to 1970. Estimated attendance of over 600,000 would invade this small island on the southern shore of Great Britain to see Jimi Hendrix in all his glory. Can you imagine the scene? If you were there I'd love to talk to you.

This turns out not to be as peaceful and full of love as the Woodstock gathering, hence the locals ban future concerts. After a thirty two year gap, Robert Plant kick starts the revived Isle of Wight Festival, at Seaclose Park on a green field site with the river Medina running lazily past. With his lions mane of hair and legend intact, Plant revives 'Hey Joe' as a tribute to Jimi, and 'Going to California' as a nod to Led Zeppelin, and his band mix psychedelia and world music to create something new, a bewitching backdrop to Robert's banshee wail.*

This was the line-up: (Courtesy of Brian Hinton & *)

Wednesday 26th: Judas Jump, Kathy Smith, Rosalie Sorrels, David Bromberg, Redbone, Kris Kristofferson, Mighty Baby.

Thursday 27th: Gary Farr, Supertramp, Andy Roberts Everyone, Howl, Black Widow, Groundhogs, Terry Reid, Gilberto Gil.

Friday 28th: Fairfield Parlour, Arrival, Lighthouse, Taste, Tony Joe White, Chicago, Family, Procol Harum, The Voices of East Harlem, Cactus.

Saturday 29th: John Sebastian, Shawn Phillips, Lighthouse, Joni Mitchell, Tiny Tim, Miles Davis, Ten Years After, Emerson Lake and Palmer, The Doors, The Who, Melanie, Sly and the Family Stone. Mungo Jerry were there but decided not to play.Tiny Tim with Islanders Cas Caswell bass & Jack Richards drums.

Sunday 30th: Good News, Kris Kristofferson, Ralph McTell, Heaven, Free, Donovan, Pentangle, Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, Leonard Cohen, Richie Havens, Hawkwind

I don't know where I've been that I hadn't looked into this "hippie fest" sooner. Must of been too much of the "Everclear" punch in my system or something. Anyways, I've gathered some videos from the performance. Like many documentaries made of these iconic festivals, many great but lesser known groups wind up on the editing room floor. It is my goal to search out anything on groups like Mighty Baby, Black Widow, Lighthouse and Cactus.

Please enjoy and have a great "4th of July" weekend.