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"And the winner is......" Pop Culture Dish, Presented by Malcolm

Posted by Artster63

With 2 simple words "Rare Earth" Malcolm of Pop Culture Dish, Presented by Malcolm won the first ever Guess This Classic Rock Group contest at 70's Classic Rock. His first guess of MC5 was so good I double checked who my post was on. This guy definitely knows his music and apparently a hell of alot more.

The Lowdown:

Website: Pop Culture Dish, Presented by Malcolm
Author/Owner: Malcolm (aka ultfan)

I visited Pop Culture Dish a couple of days ago to get some idea of what it was about. I realized quickly this blog was about everything - pop culture and then some. I read new posts and old posts. I laughed and said "Wow, I didn't know that" alot. It's been about a year and a half since its inception and the blog has developed into something great with a solid following.

A snippet of the categories covers titles like Commercials, Music, Movies and his challenging Trivia Games. My favorite of course is music and boy does he cover it. He's got Bill Haley and His Comets preceded by Prince whose preceded by Hot Musical Ladies of the 80s with my personal favorite hottie - Susannah Hoffs of The Bangles.

It's hard to stop reading the posts. The titles pull you in and the next thing you know it's ten minutes later and your laughing at the comments or his responses to the comments. Regular commentators give it a community feel within this great blogosphere we reside in. If your looking for some facts, fun, videos, music or anything else, you need to check out this site.

As I was scanning through I saw images flashing before me of The Rockford Files, WKRP In Cinncinatti, In Living Color, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Laverne Baker, Rodney Allen Rippy. He's got Polls, Tuesday Trivia and a very cool Thursday Thirteen segment.

Like many blogs we come across, we read the posts and the presentation of information and can get a feeling of who the author is. Having visited this website, I would gladly buy Malcolm a beer, a coffee or a movie ticket, because he just seems like that cool guy you'd like to hangout with.

Folks for me, this is my new Wikipedia. Malcolm and Pop Culture Dish are an awesome, entertaining and educational team that will keep you captivated for hours. Pay a visit to this site and you'll surely get hooked.

*If you have visited or are a regular to Pop Culture Dish, by Malcolm, please leave your thoughts and/or props in the comment section below.

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Wow, this write up is awesome... thank you! Was Susannah Hoffs smoking hot or what?!

By the way, my beer of choice is Miller Lite.

You are more than welcome my bud. I'm glad you approve. I meant every word.

Yes, she is definitely a hottie.

Excellent choice on the brew.

Have a good one Malcolm.

I don't know much about Rock world but thanks for dropping by my site. Wish you have a great weekend!