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Can You Guess Who this Classic Rock Group is?

Posted by Artster63

Sorry guys, I'm a little traveled out this weekend, so I'm laying low. However, I want to share a very cool website, my friend Barbara @ Layla's Classic Rock turned me onto. It's called "Wordle" and below is a sample of what you can create on it.

This collage is of the group for my next post. Can you guess who it is?
The winner gets a quick write-up of their blog on a future post here at 70's Classic Rock.

So come on, take a guess!!!! (Click on image to view larger)

Note: The contest ends when I post my article of this group on July 16th. Good luck!!!

***Click on "Comments" below for additional hints ***

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Eric Burdon and the Animals????

Excellent guess. MC5 were from Detroit, featured on The Rolling Stone Cover in 1968 and their Kick Out the Jams was definitely rockin'. Unfortunately they never signed with Motown.

Also a great guess. The R&B mixed with Rock (The Animals) is the platform that my featured group took to a new level.

You're definitely on the right track.

Hint #1 - Three of their hits are in the Wordle

Hint #2 - They were an all white band

I was thinking the Motown reference was due to the fact that they were from Detroit. Although I only see two of their hits in the Wordle, I will guess Rare Earth.

Ummmm.....Rare Earth?


Rare Earth...definitly..
from the expert on Classic Rock....try and stump us!!!

Heck I am too late Artster - Of course I know who this group was. Been away from the PC for a while planning for a road trip to my family reunion. Am back home and back in action now.

Hey did anyone see Rare Earth on one of those "oldies" PBS specials recently? They were great. They sang one of their Temptation's covers (I can't remember which)and were in fine voice.

How did Malcolm sneak in there before me? Dawg! I thought I had it first.

Oh well, there is great satisfaction in at least knowing I was usual.


"Top of the Heap"!
Songs: Tobacco Road, I'm Losin' You and Get Ready.

Thanks for playing. I'm thinking no more hints next time. It's on!!!

Priorities, priorities. I don't know, family reunion vs. 70's classic rock. For me it's a no brainer.

Uuughhh! 32 minutes from a write-up. I'm thinking dude was in the zone on this one. I dig your "PMA" though.

Thank you all for playing along.

Have a good one.

I'm absolutely ashamed of myself! This is one I really should have gotten! Great contest! - Nards