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Ding, Ding, Ding - We have a winner!!!

Posted by Artster63

Congratulations to Malcolm of Pop Culture Dish, Presented by Malcolm. "Rare Earth" is his guess and right on the money. I don't know? He's from Michigan. Their from the Detroit area. Maybe some stricter rules next time. Just kidding. There's no way around the fact that this guy knows his classic rock music. His first guess of "MC5" made me double check who my post was on.

Thank you to those who participated. I can see I'm dealing with a whole different level of trivia players.

The prize: A write-up of Malcolm's site this Friday for the full weekend exposure.

Thanks again all.

Have a great day.

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Thanks for the link and the upcoming write up. That Wordle was fun and tricky. It's funny because I almost put Rare Earth as my first answer. I went with the MC5 instead because the Wordle listed Jam, Atlantic, and Motown (which I thought was a reference to their Detroit ties. I look forward to your next trivia game.


Awesome attitude. Thanks for playing along. Be sure to hook up with my feed so you can get a headstart on the next one.

Hey, I'm serious when I said I had to double check on my write up. That was an excellent guess up front. Hope I can do your site justice.

Thanks guy.