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May I Have A Little "Aqualung" With That Please?

Posted by Artster63

What the heck is an Aqualung anyway?
Aq·ua-Lung: noun a device (trade name Aqua-Lung) that lets divers breathe under water; from L. aqua "water" + lung. Developed by Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan, 1943.
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That being said, in 1971 the word took on a whole new meaning for legions of teens and trippers. It was the title track for Jethro Tull's breakthrough album and coincidentally the album I lite-fingered from my neighbor Scott. And what a choice addition it made to my somewhat small collection at the time. FYI, Aqualung is the name of the homeless character in the song and again mentioned in "Cross-Eyed Mary".

The whimsical sounds of another time played in the form of rock for all to enjoy. Once again a merging of the past and the present to create the "Progressive Rock" genre. That's what I remember the early seventies to be. Moving from the psychedelic to the progressive. The experimentation of the instruments and sound to create something unique. It was so unique every band worth mentioning were a part of this group.

The flute, bass and lead guitars, drums and a required synthesizer coupled with an incredibly talented and theatrical lead singer belting out tunes that sound like they were written in the Medieval or Renaissance periods, for me, is what sets Jethro Tull apart from the rest. Watch the videos and listen to the lyrics. Stories of old beggars, vagabonds and one's perception of their existence. A grown man, standing their with a flute to his lips, one foot propped on his opposing knee. This is how I came to recognize Ian Anderson and The Tull.

Sure there were other groups much more popular who received much more radio play than Tull, but don't you agree it's worth the price of the album to enjoy their imprint on the surface of Rock and Roll? Well, apparently the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and N.A.R.M. think so. Their album Agualung ranked 159 on the "Definitive 200" list of most influential and popular albums. That's big people.

Jethro Tull definitely one of the top on my list of 70's Classic Rock Favorites. I came across this Lucia Micarelli and Jethro Tull doing Zeppelins' Kashmir, while searching for vids. It gave me goose bumps and my wife actually teared up when I showed her. What's your response?

What better way is there to leave this post and your thoughts then with the Tull hit "Living In The Past".

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that was incredible (Kashmir). tell your wife I teared up a bit too.

thanks for sharing it, I saved it.

I subscribe to your feed in Google reader but for some reason it does not show the most recent posts. Now, I am a computer tard and new to this whole feed thing so it might be my issue, but the other feeds work fine.

Any suggestions?

@ Barb,

Here's an even more powerful performance Lucia

Get the tissues ready.

@ Deb,

Sorry you were having problems. I emailed you an alternate feed. Hopefully that will solve any problems your having. Thanks for stopping by.

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