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One Hit Wonders: Part 3

Posted by Artster63

Had to weed out the disco and such (I'll surprise you with that one later) and narrow it down to these finalists.

Which song sparks a memory for you?

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Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry. I remember that one of my older brothers had their self-titled album. Along with Play That Funky Music, I also remember hearing another track from the album (The Lady Wants Your Money) quite a bit. Incidentally, it was also the B-side to Play That Funky Music.

Chevy Van....back in 1975 there were all these K-tel compilations. We had an 8 track of one of these and played it every time we traveled. It was our entire family's favorite 8-track--the one all 6 of us could agree on, even mom and dad...

It had Run Joey Run by David Geddes
Sky High by Jigsaw
Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain and Tennille
Chevy Van
Cats In the Cradle and many more but these are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

I haven't heard Chevy Van in like 25years. Thanks for the post.

How funny! Ace's "How Long..." is one of the first songs I learned on bass.

I enjoyed that little video blast!

What ever happened to the ANDREA TRUE CONNECTION - More, More, More
Your a brave individual :)


Play That Funky Music, how can you go wrong with that one. Everyone... and I mean everyone knows the chorus to that.

Thanks for visiting.

Incidently I voted on your latest. Guess who?


That tune reminds me of Bev Crawford. GF when I was 12. I'm sure she'll pop-up in a post one day.
K-Tel was cool, except for the Mr. Microphone commercial. The dude in the car. Remember?


Boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom... I can see why, it's got a great opening.
Thanks for stopping by.


I had to cater to the masses and the blog theme, but one day soon I'm letting loose and we're gonna be "Knockin' On Wood", a little "Emotion" and of course some "Don't Leave Me This Way". I might even sneak a little Morris Albert in.

Stay tuned.

Thank you all for stopping by.

Have a good one.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Sanford & Townsend. I still listen to the album "Smoke From A Distant Fire" from time to time. It sounds as good today as the first time I heard it. These guys were so tight!!