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Queens of Rock II: Stevie Nicks

Posted by Artster63

Now here's a "Queen of Rock" totally deserving of a top slot on the list. I LOVE STEVIE NICKS!! There. I've said it and gotten it out of the way. You know that poster hanging in my shrine at the bottom of the page? Well it lasted about 4 months and was replaced by one of this lady.

"Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night
And wouldn't you love to love her"

I was in love with Stevie before the hook up with Mick and the fam. My uncle Chuck had a copy of BuckinghamNicks and it seemed it was always playing whenever I'd visit. I'd listen to tunes like Lola, Crystal, Stephanie and Frozen Love. It actually was a great album. I remember thinking I wanted to hear more of this girl, because the guy seemed to dominate a majority of the songs. I later read in a book by Mick Fleetwood entitled "My Life and Adventures In Fleetwood Mac", that this was in fact the relationship between Lindsey and Stevie. The dominant and submissive.

"Takes to the sky like a bird in flight
And who will be her lover"

I was fortunate enough to see Fleetwood Mac when they rolled through Chicago during that infamous "Summer of '77". I had of course heard the Rumours album hits getting regular air play, but to be there in person was incredible. Playing primarily hits from their, then, recent album and some of the old-school Fleetwood blues. Then whenever Stevie would belt out one of those awesome tunes, that seemed to possess her, the hair on my arms would stand up. Yes I had hair on my arms at that age.

"All your life you've never seen a woman
Taken by the wind"

With her chiffon waving arms, high-stepping, platform boots, Stevie knocked me out in anything I saw her in, whether it was a mini-documentary, a Midnight Special Show, an interview or my good 'ol MTV. I would try to catch her in everything. If I had something else going on but she was scheduled to be on TV, "Cancel it! I'm staying home. Sorry guys not feeling too good tonight". Oh, like you've never done that?

"Would you stay if she promised you heaven
Will you ever win"

As the years passed and she started her solo career I was buying all the albums and thank God for VHS. Live concerts I could watch in the comfort of my own home. Too cool! We all watched as Stevie grew up and was doing her own thing. Having as much success as with Fleetwood Mac and maybe even more, because she was doing it all herself. I felt like a proud dad, even though she's about 10 years my senior. The albums and videos I've collected of Stevie's, are like a scrapbook of a time when music was all I focused on. Listening and memorizing each word and drum beat. Each strike of a guitar chord and there were some great ones.

"She is like a cat in the dark
And then she is the darkness
She rules her life like a fine skylark
And when the sky is starless"

I hope you enjoy the following videos as much and as many times as I have.

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Great Post! Rumours was the first album I ever bought. (ABBA: The Album was the second.) My musical life follows ABBA and Fleetwood Mac because in 1977 my parents were getting a divorce. ABBA had Knowing Me, Knowing You and One Man, One Woman out there, and then there was Rumours--all about breakup and heartache.

I actually enjoyed experimenting on an old record player playing Fleetwood Mac 45s at 33, 33 LPs at 45, and so on .....

But Rhiannon, Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, Silver Springs were my favorites. I discovered Buckingham Nicks later and was blown away by the original version of Crystal, Long Distance Winner, Crying in the Night and Frozen Love.

I didn't get to see Fleetwood Mac until the Mirage concert, but I saw them twice more after that, Stevie on her own three times, and Christine on her solo tour.

But it's always been Stevie I've really loved.

The really sad thing is, despite how good her recent work has been on Say You Will and Trouble in Shangri-La, is that it could have been so much better. She destroyed her nasal cavity with cocaine use and lost her range along with it. Her voice used to be so silky sweet--by far the most original and distinctive voice in rock n roll. You listen to Rhiannon and Dreams and Sister of the Moon, and then you listen to Beauty and the Beast or The Highwayman and you can hear the change in her voice. It happened between 1979 and 1981 and Stevie continued to lose her range with each passing year.

Interesting Stevie Nicks trivia that I bet you don't know:

John Nicks, Stevie's Dad, is an Olympic and World Championship Pairs and Singles Figure Skating Coach. John Nicks coached 1979 Pairs World Champion Figure Skaters Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner--who were the only pair in US figure skating on the bring of winning an Olympic Gold Medal in Pairs at the 1980 Olympic Games in Lake Placid until Randy tore a muscle in his thigh and they could not skate.

Stevie got her twirls and flamboyance from her association with figure skaters, growing up all around them. Steve and Tai Babilonia were actually very good friends and they shared a lot together, including their cocaine habits which began for Tai Babilonia shortly after the 1980 games and Tai and Randy's heartbreaking lost opportunity.

Later, after Tai and Randy rebuilt their lives and after a made for tv movie, Tai and Randy wrote a book and dedicated it to Stevie Nicks.

When is she going to record a new album? Trouble in Shangri La was brilliant. I know she's got more in her.



Thanks for stopping by bud.

Interesting what we associate our songs with isn't it. For me it was my mom going thru chemo. And by the way, what a wealth of information you are with the trivia and all. After visiting your site, I knew I was in for a treat.

Take care.

P.S. No I'm not going there with the ABBA.

I very much enjoyed your tribute to Stevie. I had the clips playing in the background as I worked on upcoming trivia questions. Because Fleetwood Mac didn't get any airplay on the stations I listened to as a kid, I really didn't know much about them until the early 80s.

As a heads up, my current poll has ties to Fleetwood Mac. I hope you stop by to participate.


Thanks for making time in your crazy schedule to pay a visit.

I definitely have and will continue to visit your site. It always humbles me when I have in the past, because dude, you've got a whole other level of trivia going on there. And some hardcore players to go with it. I might surprise us both one day and actually know an answer or two.

Note: I know, I know, the internet is off limits for answers.

Have a good one.


Great post! I love this series especially love this series because I play guitar for a female-fronted rock band. keep them coming! :)

Stevie huh? I I saw her perform at an outdoor "No Nukes" event called "Peace Sunday" back in the early 80's. She was impressive. I saw her on an interview once and she whined the whole time about how "difficult" it was to be a rock star. That kinda turned me off.


Thanks for stopping by. I'm envious for what you do. I've never gotten around to learning an instrument. Well, like my friend Carol says, "It's never too late".


You must be talking about this appearance: Peace Sunday - 1982.

And as for the whining, maybe she was tired or missed her puppies or something. Come on, give peace a chance.

Have a good one.

OMG! That was it! I was there! You can't tell but it was dark, she was one of the last acts of the night. The rumor was the Bruce was going to be there but dang it he never showed. I think I'll do a post on it. It was soooo groovy!

I too was lucky enough to see Fleetwood Mac in that summer of '77 and have been a fan of the band and especially Stevie ever since. Must say your entire blog is awesome, featuring many of my all time favourite bands. Keep on rockin'!

I too was lucky enough to see Fleetwood Mac in that summer of '77 and have been a fan of the band and especially Stevie ever since. Must say your entire blog is awesome, featuring many of my all time favourite bands. Keep on rockin'!

Matthew Urdan,

You have to be kidding. Please go to the or and get your Stevie trivia correct.
You really have a whole lot wrong.