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Rare Earth: (Pure Funk + R&B + Soul) = Classic Rock

Posted by Artster63

Rare Earth is one of just a few groups that I didn't really get into until I was hitting my twenties. I'd heard the music on the radio when I was younger. Their big hit covers of Get Ready, I'm Losin' You and I Just Want To Celebrate blasting the speaker on my little transistor radio. But when I started listening to them on my big, bad stereo system when I was older, it was a totally different experience. Much better!!! I'd crank up the volume like nobody's business. Especially the 21 minute version of Get Ready. We're talking about not wanting the song to end. Are you freakin' kidding me. I made a 53 minute cassette from that 21 minute song. Man I wish I still had that.

The story goes that the original "Temptations" tune was really just 3 minutes long. One of the guys added a solo to it, then everyone wanted a solo and so we wind up with a 21 minute long rocking jam session. As I write this I'm listening to this version and Rare Earth definitely made this song their own by adding the solos. Thank god for headphones. I'm catching every instrument and note. (internal voice: "Open your eyes Art and finish the post!!!). As I open my eyes, I see my wife standing there with a wrinkled lip, kinda like a bad Elvis imitation pointing her finger at my LCD. "Yes dear!!"

I'm deliberately offering this song seperate from the others because it's my favorite. Before you play it, do me and yourself a favor and put your headphones on. Turn the volume up about 2 notches past where you would normally have it. Put your mouse on the arrow. Close your eyes. Now hit play.

Did you bounce your foot? Bob your head? Play air guitar? Drums? Keyborads or sax? If you did then welcome to Artster's world.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for inducing "Baby-Boomers Syndrome" -which is the need to wail your body about in a form of dance only you yourself can interpret.

Hailing from the Detroit area, a major influence of course was Motown Records. You know, come to think of it Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels and Grand Funk Railroad all had the same influence. Through their mix of R&B and Rock they created a genre unlike any other.

Uh-oh. Tobacco Road just started. Hard, bluesy, just awesome.

I've mentioned earlier in my blog posts that as a kid growing up in South Chicago and the East Side, I primarily listened to whatever WLS-AM radio had to offer. There was a lot of Chi-Lites, Delfonics classics and Aretha Franklin as well as Chicago, Foghat and Bad Company. Rare Earth fused these styles together to form a very unique and incredibly infectious sound that it took 10 years for me to appreciate.

Rare Earth recorded an album virtually every year during the seventies. Though their popularity seemed to dwindle as new genres emerged and the second British invasion or is it the third came on in the eighties, for this music loving blogger Rare Earth is the ultimate result in this equation (Pure Funk + R&B + Soul) = Classic Rock.

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Another Rare Earth tune that I enjoy is "Born To Wander". I call it Rare Rare Earth because it doesn't get much airplay these days (however, I have spun it on my show a couple of times).

I know that some may shake their head in disgust, but I also like Rare Earth's foray into disco on their final chart hit "Warm Ride". When one hears that song, it's obvious that it was written by The Bee Gees... which isn't a bad thing in my opinion.

What I like about "Born To Wander" aside from the beat and sound is it reminds me of music from those cool 60's Broadway hits like Jesus Christ Superstar or Godspell. And I agree with you on their version of "Warm Ride".

Hey what's wrong with disco anyways. I was out there with my platform shoes and man-made fiber ensembles like I was Tony in SLF.