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70's Classic Rock: Arte y Pico

Posted by Artster63

When I first started 70's Classic Rock, I was just taking a trip back, to the music and the memories of my teen years, which were the 70's. Never did I imagine that someone or anyone would have stopped, read and enjoyed my posts. Well, Carol from She Lives stopped, read and chose to honor me with the "Arte y Pico" award. Thank you Carol.

Take a minute to visit her site. Here's what she says about it, "My desire for She Lives is that it develop as a site for musicians, musicians-to-be, musicians who have laid their instruments down for a time, young musicians and their encourage them in their musical endeavors, no matter the level at which they play." She is right on the money based on what I've read on her site. My thoughts are also with Carol as she is dealing with a debilitating illness in her family.

In following the tradition of this award, I will now pay it forward with my list of 5 bloggers and their sites who have entertained, challenged and motivated me, as well as, enriched the blogging community as a whole.

1) Barbara at Layla's Classic Rock Faves. A daily blogger with an enthusiastic love for all things Rock. It's easily sensed in her posts and subject matter. I've enjoyed this site with it's informative articles and occasional curve ball trivia thrown in. She has 6 blogs in all, but 2 sister sites, "Gone, But Not Forgotten" and "Writing From The Inside Out" are a compliment to her love of music and compassion in life.

2) Malcolm at Pop Culture Dish, Presented by Malcolm. Now I want to be like this guy when I grow up. He's got games, trivia, movie and TV classics, music and a whole-lot-more. If I were half as driven and talented as Malcolm, I'd be Superman, Jr. Definitely visit this site to learn something about pop culture or to be challenged weekly with his Tuesday Trivia feature. Oh, did I mention he has a weekly radio show called "The Retro Mix".

3) Chili at Classic Video Jukebox. Here's a blogger with 22+ plus years in broadcasting and programming. Detailed posts on groups from the 60's, 70's and 80's including Classic Rock, R&B, Soul and Funk videos. Written with a Midas touch, like only someone who was there can lay down. A companion site, Rock and Roll Classics compliments his ability to offer deep insight and facts on artists and groups and reinforces his love of the music and stories.

4) Nards at Nardeeisms. A truly gifted mother, wife, photographer and blogger. Nards is incredibly creative and insightful on all things about family life and everyday musings. She writes her posts like a daily novella often referencing encounters or items from previous posts. Nards has a twist, in that she gives us readers a song and lyrics of the day cleverly incorporated into her articles. A truly addicting blog. I bet you just can't read one!

5) Sondan at Old School Music Lover. This is where I go to get a little Soul. A great blog celebrating the artists of old, Ray Charles, Undisputed Truth, The Temptations, The Parliaments, The Dominoes and of course a little Sly & The Family Stone for spice. Before I was a rocker I was hooked on Motown with my hometown group The Chi-lites. This site is where I go to step back into my roots of music enjoyment. Sondan is awesome with her knowledge and love of the oldies. Like the tag line says, "Motown, Soul and Rock & Roll".

Folks, each of these blogs is a big influence on my own site. From the writing style and subject matter, to a shared love of music as a whole. If you enjoy 70's Classic Rock then you owe it to yourself to visit these great sites. May the "Pico" fly on.

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I feel special. Yours quickly became one of my favorite blogs! I will post this when I get back from my date :)

Thanks Art! I'm honored and flattered. Along with posting this on my blog, I will be sure to pass it on to five other bloggers.

What can I say. As the Newbie on the Blog Block, I stand in your shadow my man!!!

As Always


OMG Artster!

Thank you so much for the mention and kind words. I truly had no idea but am really overwhelmed to know that I have had such an effect on you. You and the others you have mentioned have also inspired me as well to keep on keeping on!

I basically stared the blog as sort of personal diary of my favorite music as a cheap form of therapy! Music makes me forget my troubles. I am honored that you enjoy my presentations and am giving you a great big cyber hug!



Hey, man! You get an award, I get five new (and very highly recommended) blogs to visit, and everybody wins!


Hey Folks,

You are all more than welcome and in my mind more than deserving.

I wish I can say there was a hi-tech, drawn out process for selection, but alas truth be told there wasn't. It's the heartfelt, passionate way you all present your posts and yourselves that made this a very easy selection. To coin one of Layla's titles, "Writing from the inside out" is how we enjoy this hobby, or for some a passion, we call blogging. Continue that and we will all benefit from eachother.

Keep on keepin' on.



Have a good one.