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RUSH: 2112 and Beyond

Posted by Artster63

Hey all. It's been a while since my last post. I'm in the middle of my road trip season, but will be getting back to posting regularly in the next week or so. I appreciate and thank you for hanging. Now for a short and sweet memory of mine.

My first and most favorite Rush album was 2112. And I mean I wore the grooves off that puppy. This was my full jump, both feet first into Progressive Rock. An array of sounds I never heard before. A voice as distinctive as the guitar and drum portions on each song. As I write this post I'm listening to the album on my iPod.

How times have changed. I used to have this boom-box with a cassette player, playing this album as I roamed around aimlessly with my buds. The radio was too big I couldn't carry anything else. I remember having to switch arms regularly to prevent one arm being longer than the other. So said my mom, she was a hoot.

"We are the priests... of the temples... of Syrinx"

2112 was my gift of long play. Track 1 comes in at 20 min. 33 seconds of electric Rock at it's best. Even at that length I still find myself replaying the track over and over. Geddy on bass, keys and vocals, Alex on guitar and Neil on drums. A basic setup for any group, but incredibly potent for Rush. Turning the volume up I can catch every guitar note and drum beat. One of the few times I'd heard the bass play an equal lead.

This people is serious air-guitar music. My problem was always trying to stay with one instrument instead of playing all the various instrument solos. But they're all so cool!

The rest of my Rush collection includes:

The Unofficial Rush Jukebox. I found this at Power Windows: A Tribute to Rush

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2112 was/is my favorite RUSH of all time could anyone not love it! It reminds me of my sister because she loved it even more than I did.

I did a pretty cool RUSH piece that a local radio station gave away at a concert:

I'd love to paint it again. Do you still have your original record that you wore out? I like painting on people's own albums. Makes for a great story.


Oh man! I really enjoyed the Rush vid. Brought back memories and makes me want to cover that tune. Great tune. Are they like, the ultimate power trio or what?

Way to top of an otherwise good day! Thanks.


Couldn't agree with you more. I can listen to this album all-day-long. Even as background music for a patio party it's awesome.


Checked out the vinyl art and that's pretty cool!!! Unfortunately my album has been long gone, lost somewhere with the various relocating I've done. If I find a copy, I think I'll drop you a line.


Ultimate power trio is right on! I was thinking of you on this one, with Geddy on the bass. Glad to hear from you.

Thank you all for stopping by and have a good one.

What a great topic for today, RUSH does in fact belong to the great history of Rock! Now I have an urge to go play some, thanks for the post!


Rush is definitely one of the top prog rock bands in history. While many of their catalog may not truly fit into the genre, the stuff that does is incredible, particularly 2112.