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Santana - "Festival" and the Ritual of Vinyl

Posted by Artster63

This is a special post to celebrate today, "Vinyl Record Day" - August 12, 2008. Thanks to JB at The Hits Just Keep on Comin' for the invite to participate.

I have a lot of memories of my vinyl record days. The most common of course is gently placing the record on a turntable spindle. Sliding the retaining arm over to hold it and flipping the springed switch to start the mesmerizing spin. I would stand there, headphones in hand, watching as the retaining clip on the spindle slowly disappears allowing the record to drop. Then anxiously waiting for the mechanical arm to glide over and perfectly, (most times), gently drop the needle to the beginning of the first track. A sizzling, staticky sound would amplify through the speakers before the first note was hit. Then... music! At this time I would plug the headphones in, raise the volume to the high position and stand in front of the mirror playing an air guitar concert like nobody's business.

This was the ritual I would perform every evening with my Santana - Festival album. Every evening until I wore the ridges out. I'll be honest with you, I wasn't all that familiar with who Carlos Santana was. My brother, cool dude that he was and is, had heard the album and bought it for me on my 13th birthday. Great choice Al.

The songs on this album are an awesome blend of rock, latin and soul. An intoxicating mix that have stayed with me to this day. First in album form, then cassette, then CD and now on my iPod.

The memories of standing in that basement, jammin' away on my imaginary guitar always brings a smile to my face. And don't even think I've stopped doing that. Except instead of my mother giving me the "I've got to get that boy some help" look, now it's my wife giving me the "and I married this guy, why?" look. Hey people you know the Artster is all about GOOD MUSIC and good times.

As I would strum the last note of Maria Caracoles and wipe the sweat from my forehead, I would always think to myself, "great show, dude". Then the reverse ritual would take place of removing the album from the record player and while holding the album with a full four finger spread, anchored by my thumb I would carefully reinsert the record into the sleeve, where it would be safely kept until my next show.

If you have an opportunity to listen to this album, I highly suggest it. Great artist, great tunes and another one of those "you won't be able to sit still" moments.

Here are just a few videos of songs on this LP. Revelations was my favorite. Enjoy!!

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Nice post -- for me it was air trumpet and Chicago II!


Ah yes. The air trumpet and to Chicago II, awesome choice.

I tried the air trumpet, but it just didn't have enough "mojo" for me. Not like air guitar. I've also tried air bass, air drums and the occasional dashboard piano.

Thanks for stopping.

Have a good one.

you bet we played the air guitar and still do, we are rock music lovers. And so what if the kids think we are a. lame and b. very very sad. lol

as always great post!

Great blog. Over at the Ripple Effect, we cover lots of metal, hard rock and other genres. Check us out at If you like what you see, let's exchange links.


The Ripple Effect

I love stories about vinyl, especially such personal ones. You are who I want to reach with my art. I found you through Layla's Classic Rock. She gave me the Arte y Pico award.

I'd love it if you checked out my blog and work. I've got a great image of Santana I've been waiting to paint...


Love love love the Santana! I got to interview him this Spring. If you want to check it out, it's on my blog here.