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Queens of Rock III: Janis Joplin

Posted by Artster63

"Turn that down NOW!" Mom would always yell when I'd play my Pearl album. All she seemed to hear was a scratchy, yelling woman. That was her description, older generation and all, of this bluesy, raspy singer's voice. Me on the other hand, I was engrossed and captured by the sound and emotions of Janis Joplin.

Here was a lady that seemed to be bigger than life. When I saw her on the Dick Cavett Show I was watching an outspoken, good natured, quick witted woman. I remember thinking at the time, man, here's someone who has everything. A great voice, doing what she loves, making alot of money and had a tripped out '65 Porsche Cabriolet Super C I would kill for.

As I collected Big Brother and the Holding Company albums and those of Janis Joplin later, I became a hardcore fan of this crazy lady. Those of you who know me, know I'm big into air guitar, but on the opposite side of the spectrum, with Janis' music I turn it on and sit, eyes closed, just absorbing every note and emotion she has to give. My opinion is that few artists can capture this type of energy, where the music, the sounds and message seem to come from deep within and for me Janis is definitely on, hands down, one of those performers. She's not just singing... she's feeling it and inviting me along for the ride. It only seems fitting that the last movie my mom and I went to see in the theater, before her passing, was "The Rose". You know what? She loved it.

Unfortunately, Janis is one of too many awesomely talented performers to leave us far too soon. Virtually every Sunday is Janis Day in my house. Her music fills the spaces of our condo and even the cats seem to be enticed by her voice, as they frolic around. My personal favorite song as well as performance is of Janis singing Ball and Chain at the Monterrey Pop Festival. (Checkout Cass Elliot's response.)

I will forever, listen to and enjoy Janis' tunes as I place her in the great company of my Queens of Rock. Definitely worth adding to any music library. Or have you already? What's your favorite song/performance?

I leave you with a special treat. The original Ball 'n' Chain, written and sung by Big Mama Thornton.

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janis will always have a little piece of my heart.

Hey Barb,

Thanks for stopping by. I think Janis holds a little piece of everyone's heart. Those who let her in anyways. Take care.


Is it Janis Joplin week or something? I'm seeing her everywhere I turn, it feels like.

Which, of course, is a really good thing!

Great artist Janis is & great post,Love the layout you have on here.

It is sad to think of the career she might have had. She was still learning when she died, and her backing bands were still improving. The songs that she never got to sing are the ones I miss.

@ Carol,
Hey lady, how've you been? I'm thinking since Oct. 4th was the 38th anniversary of her leaving us, folks may just feel compelled. I actually do listen to Janis every Sunday. That's what prompted me to do the post.

Take it easy.

What have you been upto? Great to see you come by for a visit and thanks for the compliments.

Take care.

Couldn't have said it better, Bill. Thanks for stopping.

Have a good one.