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Where were you on 9-11-01? (Reposted 9-11-08)

Posted by Artster63

On this day of the 11th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I'm taken back to that morning at work, when a broadcaster broke into my morning music announcing that a commercial airliner crashed into the World Trade Center. Raising the volume so I wouldn't miss a detail of the report, I was able to pickup the anxiousness in the speakers voice.

We immediately turned on a small tv someone had in their office and the 20 or so employees all assembled around to view the live report. Gasps, cries and prayers filled the small office as the second plane was shown crashing into the other tower. An uncomfortable lump in my throat traveled down to the pit of my stomach where it sat all day.

Time stopped. Life stopped for those few days after the attacks. A variety of emotions surfaced. Anger, distrust and worry turned to supportive, unity and good 'ole American pride.
Here's a selection of videos that stir different emotions for me, but in the end the strength of the message rings clear as only The Who can play it.

Where were you that morning?

Photo: AP/Mark Lennihan

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First of all, I really love your blog..I'm going to link to it from my site....I was working at the Guggenheim Museum on E. 91st street in NYC, seven years ago today...installing an exhibit..when a friend came running up the ramps and said...a plane just hit the WTC...we all thought it was a little prop plane who violated NYC airspace..a large group of us ran out to the front of the Museum(91st and 5th) and looked all the way down 5th and saw the hour later we all knew this was for real....The city shut down...I walked across the Queensboro Bridge with 10,ooo others to get to Queens then Brooklyn then home. In the days that followed..I'll never forget the smell(acrid, smoky, burnt) and the ash everywhere....and all of the fliers posted looking for loved ones. It was a day.I'll never forget. Sean
Seano's Sometimes Blog

I was working at home and hadn't a clue what was happening until my wife called and told me to turn on the TV. It messed with my head for a long time after.
Never forget!

On a lighter note, please check out my latest funny video (take your mind off things) and let me know what you think.
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I was at our corporate office when we heard the news. We watched in horror as the events of that horrific day unfolded. We then call all of our broadcasting facilities, and let all non essential personel home. All normal broadcasting ceased and all of our operations became 24 hour news operations. We had TV's placed in all facilities for more up tp date access.

I was home with my kids, watching the morning news show as I always did. That day broke my heart and built up my soul. I will never forget.

I was having breakfast at the Big Sky diner with my friend Donna..I had just dropped off my young daughter at school... Whyen we witness the first plane crash..I went back to the school and very calmly retrieved my girl from class and we went home to watch the tv for the next 7 days straight..Horrifying event.. prayers to the family of the victims..xRK