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Wordless Wednesday

Posted by Artster63

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Classic Rock Weekend Trip

Posted by Artster63

I am always receiving emails on interesting sites, sounds and happenings that are most times related to the Classic Rock genre. So I've decided to showcase these items every weekend so you have a chance to check them out. If you have anything that others may view as cool, hip, badass or just interesting, please feel free to contact me at the link in my header and give me a heads up.

And now check these out.

Jonathan Paisner of City Listen Audio Tours sent me the following release:

Autumn in New York. The days are a bit shorter, the air a bit crisper, the leaves beginning to change...What a great time to enjoy a walking tour.

The Rock and Roll Tour of Manhattan, hosted by Ken Dashow

Our latest tour takes you through the famed streets of the East and West Villages of New York while rock DJ Ken Dashow talks about the legends, the artists, the movements that have put New York City at the center of rock and roll history. Any music fan will absolutely love it.

From folk to rock to punk to new wave, New York City has been a vital part of it all
- See where Hendrix, Dylan, Springsteen got their start
- See some of the legendary locales and former locales in the NYC Rock scene
- Re-enact classic album covers
And so much more...

I personally took this tour from here in my den in San Antonio and followed along by Googleing the different locations as we came to them. It was very cool and informative, like I was there.

If you dig Hendrix, Springsteen, The Ramones, Zeppelin, Lennon or want to know about Fillmore East, CBGB's and The Bottom Line,..... then you'll dig this tour.

Paul Miller of Lyric Culture turned me onto the following:

Lyric Culture takes greats such as Don Mclean, The Beatles, INXS, and KISS to show their popular lyrics right on the front of their tees. This unique product carries a unique license and the artists even get proper royalties.

Here's what makes this apparel so cool!! Paul says, "Each piece is burned out individually by hand to give it a unique vintage feel. This is very labor intensive. No two tees are exactly alike. Lyric Culture uses high quality fabrics that we also enzyme and silicone wash and design our own fits and styles. These are not blank tees with a simple print. All graphics are original illustrations done by hand. We don't use existing album covers or clip art etc. There are multiple screens, not only on the outside of the tee, but also on the inside so you can wear the lyrics close to your heart. The song copyright info is printed under the label and they do have to pay a royalty to the songwriter. Finally,the hang tags are individual concert tickets featuring the history of the song."

Folks, aside from these awesome designs for men and women, Lyric Culture also donates a portion of their proceeds to worthy causes worldwide. Check them out when you have a chance. I think the "Brunette" may find one under the tree.

And finally, a totally cool sweepstakes where you can win an "Autographed Fender Squire Stratocaster". Signed... you guessed it, by the members of Led Zeppelin.

How awesome is this??? But you have to HURRY, the deadline to enter is December 15, 2008. Just click on the banner above to go straight to the entry form.

Good luck!

Hey guys, thanks for hanging and have a great weekend.

Wordless Wednesday

Posted by Artster63

Check out: The Marshall Tucker Band

Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin

Posted by Artster63

Those of you who have followed 70's Classic Rock on a regular basis know that I've never done a book or movie review. Well, in the words of Grace Slick @ Woodstock - "It's a new dawn".

"Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin: The Illustrated History of the Heaviest Band of All Time" is the title of a book, John Wurm of Quayside Publishing Group, turned me on to. If you are a Led Zeppelin fan, then this is a must have. Even if you're not, like that's possible, this book is awesome as a "coffee table topping".

"They were Gods, Jimmy Page was my favorite guitarist. I wanted to look like him and play like him." - Alex Lifeson, Rush

The book is jam packed with pictures, posters, concert memorabilia and just about anything Led Zeppelin you can imagine. Not to mention the great writings of Jon Bream, 30+ year music critic for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

"This reintroduction of black American soul and blues music enflamed the American rock band explosion. God bless them" - Ted Nugent

As I turned each page my eyes immediately were drawn to the full page images of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham, in some classic stance or a performance from the early days. Photos, concert posters and playbills I've never seen before. Even cooler is Jon Bream's writing that is so involving you have to keep reading on. I found myself rereading certain sections as if I was hitting the rewind button on my tape player to repeat Stairway to Heaven or Kashmir.

"Led Zeppelin is like a stag party that never ends... There is no last tour. It would be a criminal act to break up this band" - Robert Plant, 1977

Having read this one, cover-to-cover, I walk away with an even greater appreciation for Led Zeppelin's music and their story. Their accomplishments, contributions and hurdles along the way. This is one of those reads that makes you feel like you were there. I feel like I know these guys, not as superstar rockers, but like those guys from the old neighborhood that later on go on to do great things.

"They may be world-famous, but a couple of shrieking monkeys are not going to use a privileged family name without permission." - Countess Eva von Zeppelin

Like I said earlier this is definitely a must have and read for all who were raised on classic rock like yours truly here. The holidays are around the corner, so be sure to add it to your "want list". Ah, come on. You know you have one.

In conjunction with my reading of this book, a few weeks back I was advised by Brea Thornton, of SIRIUS XM Radio, that a NEW station was launched on Nov. 1st. You guessed it: Led Zeppelin Radio.

Led Zeppelin Radio will be broadcast on SIRIUS channel 12 and XM channel 39 and will feature Led Zeppelin music 24/7, including interviews and rarities. The commercial-free music channel was launched on Saturday, November 1 starting at 6:00 pm ET and running through December 31. Led Zeppelin Radio will be a non-stop broadcast of virtually every song from Led Zeppelin’s music catalog. The channel will also provide Led Zeppelin fans with archived interviews with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham and unique content that celebrates Led Zeppelin’s musical contribution to rock music.