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Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin

Posted by Artster63

Those of you who have followed 70's Classic Rock on a regular basis know that I've never done a book or movie review. Well, in the words of Grace Slick @ Woodstock - "It's a new dawn".

"Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin: The Illustrated History of the Heaviest Band of All Time" is the title of a book, John Wurm of Quayside Publishing Group, turned me on to. If you are a Led Zeppelin fan, then this is a must have. Even if you're not, like that's possible, this book is awesome as a "coffee table topping".

"They were Gods, Jimmy Page was my favorite guitarist. I wanted to look like him and play like him." - Alex Lifeson, Rush

The book is jam packed with pictures, posters, concert memorabilia and just about anything Led Zeppelin you can imagine. Not to mention the great writings of Jon Bream, 30+ year music critic for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

"This reintroduction of black American soul and blues music enflamed the American rock band explosion. God bless them" - Ted Nugent

As I turned each page my eyes immediately were drawn to the full page images of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham, in some classic stance or a performance from the early days. Photos, concert posters and playbills I've never seen before. Even cooler is Jon Bream's writing that is so involving you have to keep reading on. I found myself rereading certain sections as if I was hitting the rewind button on my tape player to repeat Stairway to Heaven or Kashmir.

"Led Zeppelin is like a stag party that never ends... There is no last tour. It would be a criminal act to break up this band" - Robert Plant, 1977

Having read this one, cover-to-cover, I walk away with an even greater appreciation for Led Zeppelin's music and their story. Their accomplishments, contributions and hurdles along the way. This is one of those reads that makes you feel like you were there. I feel like I know these guys, not as superstar rockers, but like those guys from the old neighborhood that later on go on to do great things.

"They may be world-famous, but a couple of shrieking monkeys are not going to use a privileged family name without permission." - Countess Eva von Zeppelin

Like I said earlier this is definitely a must have and read for all who were raised on classic rock like yours truly here. The holidays are around the corner, so be sure to add it to your "want list". Ah, come on. You know you have one.

In conjunction with my reading of this book, a few weeks back I was advised by Brea Thornton, of SIRIUS XM Radio, that a NEW station was launched on Nov. 1st. You guessed it: Led Zeppelin Radio.

Led Zeppelin Radio will be broadcast on SIRIUS channel 12 and XM channel 39 and will feature Led Zeppelin music 24/7, including interviews and rarities. The commercial-free music channel was launched on Saturday, November 1 starting at 6:00 pm ET and running through December 31. Led Zeppelin Radio will be a non-stop broadcast of virtually every song from Led Zeppelin’s music catalog. The channel will also provide Led Zeppelin fans with archived interviews with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham and unique content that celebrates Led Zeppelin’s musical contribution to rock music.

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It was like a dream when Sirius launched the Zeppelin channel.I had it on each time I was in the car.