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Classic Rock Weekend Trip

Posted by Artster63

Well, I'm back home for a few. Time to play catch up. My inbox runneth over, so I'd like to share a few bits with you today. Oh and before I forget hope you're having a great Valentine's Day.

Here's a cool new site designed by my good bud Kim Maki of Retro: Kimmer, The Snarkey View and Mackyplanet. As I sit here listening to my Grand Funk Railroad - "Capitol Collector's Series" album, how appropriate that I delve into a site dedicated to Mark Farner. The front man of GFR. An awesome collection of images, videos and details spanning from the most memorable concert at Shea Stadium in '71 to his most recent release, "Mark Farner- The Rock Patriot".

This is a must visit for any Mark Farner - GFR fan and 70's Classic Rock enthusiast. I've got to tell you... checking the site out while listening to American Band piping thru my headphones adds a whole other dimension to the experience. Awesome.

Thanks to Mark Chmeil, Manager/Promoter, for turning me onto The Limit. Though The Limit falls into the Grunge genre, listening to their music, you can't help but pickup the strong influences of 70's rock idols. In an interview with Mark Daniel, (The Limit's frontman), by Bill Lynch for The Gazette, Mark describes their sound this way, "Our influences range from the 60's with The Beatles and Hendrix, through the 70's with Van Halen, Rush and Led Zeppelin". It clearly is evident listening to the groups second album, Reinventing The Sun. Definitely check them out at The Limit, YouTube and on MySpace. I bet I'll say, I told you so.

Okay, now this one is just plain cool and funny. The Road Crew comicstrip creator, Tommie Kelly, has put a twist on the whole cartoon strip theme, you know, the one's we used to pull out of Sunday's paper because they were always in color on Sundays, and added rock and roll to the storyline. The Road Crew follows the lives of the guys behind the scenes of a touring Rock Band. What's really cool is that this isn't like the once a week Nancy or Marmaduke I used to read, but instead is updated daily Monday - Friday.

In checking out the Comic Archives I laughed hysterically at the one with the two roadies relieving themselves on the side of the road one night. Do yourself a favor and start at the beginning here. I promise, if you like comics and enjoy the fantastic tales of rockdom, you're going to love this website.
(Note: The subject matter is geared toward the adult reader, so if you have some kiddos peering over your shoulder... cover their eyes.)

Well that's it for now. I'm taking the brunette out for oysters and a movie tonight. (Not necessarilly in that order). Thank you all for hanging and taking the trip with me. Until the next cruise, take care and keep on rockin' on.

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