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Musicians On Call

Posted by Artster63

I was recently contacted by Bonnie, a volunteer for the non-profit group, Musicians On Call. Here is her note:

I am a volunteer with Musicians On Call. We have an online benefit auction that went live February 10 and runs through March 5, 2009. Here is a partial list of some of the items up for bid:

- Original Black & White photo of Led Zeppelin in NYC taken and signed by Bob Gruen
- 1952 Reissued Telecaster autographed by Bruce Springsteen
- Steven Van Zandt autographed electric Gibson guitar
- Fender Strato autographed by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd
- Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary signed guitar

The direct link to the auction can be found here:

If there is anywhere you can cover this in 70's Classic Rock it would be appreciated.

Thank you! Bonnie

Here's an intro video for Musicians On Call. Check it out.

If you have a chance, pay a visit. For me music is the cure for the common rainy day blues. An uplift on those days when the pieces just don't fit together. To see musicians giving of their time and talent to raise the spirits of those who have far worse issues than just feeling down is an incredible testament to the souls and talents of the artists we've come to admire.

What are your thoughts?

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Thanks for finding me!
Your blog looks very cool, I can't wait to read more :)

I agree with you about music being "the cure for the common rainy day blues" - going through my first semester of collge had its ups and downs, and I honestly think that I wouldn't have gotten through it in one piece without classic rock music.

And what a great auction - especially the Strato autographed by David Gilmour. How cool!

Thanks for dropping by.

I just saw your post from today (2-18-09) and can see why you're digging the David Gilmour Strato. Cool.

Has anyone ever said you have an old soul? It's a compliment trust me.

Have a good one.

Thanks for sharing this! I had never heard of it. Wow....I'd like to get my hands on the Tele. signed by Bruce!!!