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"One Hit Wonders" Wednesday

Posted by Artster63

Check out: Marmalade

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Wow! Did that bring back memories. What an amazing video and a great song.

Loved that song so much, lived in Ft McClellan Alabama when that came out. That song was thought provoking even to a 14 yera old. Still like it.

What a cool blog. But then I am stuck in my generation. And it's not only me.

My children grew up listening to the 70's and the 80's so they and my grand kids all love music from my era!:-)))

It's a good song. Sort of interesting, a song like this I know, but don't really remember listening to as a kid.

Cool blog!

"Reflections of My Life" is yet another good song that is mostly forgotten unless one was around when it was out. The style of this song reminds me of early era Bee Gees.

Your fans miss you - where you been?