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Classic Rock Weekend Trip

Posted by Artster63

Hey all. Here's a couple of quick trips to fill your weekend. Happy Easter. Enjoy.

Here's another great site by my bud Kim Maki of Retro:Kimmer fame. Her latest design is a site that celebrates the career of Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson, drummer of MC5. You remember them, the protopunk rock group from the Motor City. Strong anti-establishment lyrics with a ripping sound that cut right through you. A group hot enough to earn the coveted cover of Rolling Stone honor and behind it all the heart-thumping, bone shaking druming style of Machine Gun. Take a visit to Dennis' website. Listen to some of that hard hitting rock from the groups height and buckle-up the seat belt as he takes us on his journey through story, images and videos. A mention of the Grande Ballroom in Detroit takes me back to the heyday of classic rock in my own town, when groups like Styx, Chicago and REO Speedwagon were playing the small clubs, college campuses and area venues on their rise to the top. Another awesome job by Kimi.

Eric Frisbie and I hooked-up via BlogCatalog. Eric is a musician and like me has an obsession with not only classic rock, but specifically LIVE performances of these groups and tunes.

" I have been playing in live local bands for over 30 years. My obsession with live rock performances and videos led me to create a blog to share with fellow musicians and live rock lovers. Rock and Roll, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Hard Rock, Modern Blues, and new Rock Bands are the focus." - eric.

Appropriately named, LiveRockLover, Eric's website includes videos ranging from Hendrix, Cocker and Skynyrd back in the day to Wonderbread Band, 9 Bar Blues Band and David Cook for good measure. Eric includes a didi and upcoming tour info with his posts. Definitely worth a stop-by on this Easter weekend.

I received the following headsup from Rachel Wishart of American Pop Inc. "I’m working on behalf of Positively Cleveland and I had sent you an email several weeks ago about the Rock Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony events. As the induction ceremony gets closer, I wanted to keep you and your readers informed about the latest news. There’s an awesome new website called Rock Immortal, created by the Rock Hall of Fame, where fans of the artists being inducted this year can help to create a digital monument for the artists. The site also has all of the latest info about the events leading to the ceremony!
Fans can upload images, videos and stories in tribute to their favorite 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee!
You can check out Rock Immortal at:
We’d love for you to pass the Rock Immortal site on to your readers!! Let me know if you have any questions about the site!

Okay guys, before you start writing me, I know this one is late, but better late than never right? Hey, does that make it a classic?

Here's a little preview vid for my upcoming post on The Eagles. Have a good one.

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Wow, thanks for the link! I will "borrow" some of your YouTube picks now and then and include a link to you when I do. I really admire your site. You have taken great effort with organizing and presentation. It is an honor to be an associate and friend!Rock On Brother!

First of, thanks for the visit to my site man. It's really an honor. And I am equally amazed at your site. This is very sophisticated and very attractive! Kudos!

May the forcebe with you ;-)