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Classic Rock Weekend Trip

Posted by Artster63

Man I hope you guys had a chance to kick back this weekend and catch the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert here at 70's Classic Rock. The Brunette and I thank all of you who showed up and look forward to next week's show. But before I head out to the yard and start cleaning up here's a few stops you can make on your drive back home.

My buddy, Davek, a press photographer from L.A., has a pretty cool new blog called "Vintage Tour Jackets". He's got plenty of images and quite the collection of classic rock tour jackets from the 70's and 80's. He's also thrown in some concert images he's taken from his "in the crowd" vantage point. You can check out tour jacks from The Eagles - Long Run Tour (my personal favorite) to The Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Boston just to mention a few.

Davek also shares a little history and/or story behind each jacket. You can really appreciate the special place these items hold in his heart and memories. If your an all things classic rock fan like me you definitely need to do a stop by to Davek's site.

Are you an artist as in to draw or paint and looking to showcase your work? Are you a musician with your own compositions looking for an audience? Or a budding Steven Spielberg with some projects that are ready for the public? If you fall into any of these categories you need to check out this website. Sarah at is doing some serious PR work for their new website. Here's her pitch - "Hello! I wanted to write and tell you about a new website for artists, musicians, fashion designers, and filmmakers: I've been using the site as an artist and have my work there, and am trying to support it because I believe in it. Basically, the site allows artists from all over the world to connect, display their portfolios, and sell their work (with NO commission taken!). The site gives artists a FREE gigabyte of space to showcase their portfolios, allows you to stream audio and video works, lets you create live personal broadcasts, and translates any writing into ten different languages. If you could take the time to visit the site, and let your readers know about it, it would be greatly appreciated! We are trying to make a go of helping out artists everywhere and are trying to get the word out. Thank you!" -Sarah at

Hey guys I couldn't have said it better myself. What's really cool about this is that for any creative need an individual or company may have they can find it centrally located at this site. Looking for a new jingle? Check it out. Need some new artwork for the new home? Check it out. Just interested in some new Indie tunes? Check it out. It's a great concept so please check it out and see if we can't support these artists. Like their tag line says, "Home to the world's undiscovered artists".

Roger Campo: What's Your Addiction This is an interesting one. A few Sundays ago (that's usually when I clean out my inbox) I came across an email from one of our listeners at 70's Classic Rock Radio on The message simply said, "Check out "What’s Your Addiction” & “Spiritual Detective”and consider adding this singer/songwriter to your station". Now I've received several of these requests before and I listen to the music and I'm sorry but I can be somewhat critical. A Simon Cowell complex comes to mind, but as requested I went to Roger Campo's MySpace page and checked out some of the tunes. Man, the more I listened the more i liked. Within 5 minutes of hearing the last song I had purchased and downloaded the album onto my iPod.

Usually when I'm approached regarding suggested selections for the radio station or my blog, I'm typically looking for a certain sound or rhythm that is distinctive of what I deem to be "classic rock". I'm usually disappointed by the result. With Roger's music though, I could pick up a definite influence of soft rock and some soul as well. It's worth checking out folks. Let me know what you think.

Well that's it for this weekend guys. Uh-oh the Brunette is waving a huge garbage bag at me. Time to get started on the yard cleanup. Thanks again for coming by and let's all have a ROCKIN' week. Later.

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