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Weekend Concert Series: Led Zeppelin

Posted by Artster63

Hey guys. Well here we are again with another weekend party under way. The Brunette was nice enough to restock the fridge, so we're ready for another great turn out.

This week we're sharing Led Zeppelin's original 1976 release of their July 1973 Madison Square Garden show "The Song Remains The Same". An awesome sampling, at that time, of some of their hits as well as some new tunes off of the Houses of the Holy album which had just been released a few months earlier in '73. Alright, alright enough of the chit-chat. In case you guys forgot the ground rules I've posted them below. Move your chairs closer to the stage. Remember everyone has front row seats at this concert. And now on with the show.

Concert Rules:

- Glass containers ARE allowed
- Everyone has General Admission lawn seats... so no need to try and sneak in
- Tailgating ALLOWED in the concert
- Respect the space of others. If their blanket is laid out, DON'T step on it
- A fully staffed playground area will be available so that mom and dad can enjoy the concert

Weekend Concerts - Led Zeppelin

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I just opened a beer. Always goes great with Zep...


Hi Artster!

Great blog really.
Thanks for adding me as a friend, wish you'll like our music too.

All the best

Dario (ifsounds)

No better music for Mothers Day, many thanks for the review, its so great when rock bloggers go for the early Zep


I love Zep I like your blog nice I will have to come back to see what else you have going on.