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Weekend Concert Series: Thin Lizzy

Posted by Artster63

We're off to a late start with this week's line up. We've got Thin Lizzy on tap and they're setting up as we speak. Some overcast clouds here in South Texas have kept a lot of folks from joining us, but the hardcore rockers are in da' house. Or I guess better said, in da' yard.

This is a compilation of two live performances from Dublin and Toronto in 1977. For you trivia buffs, John Earle plays the sax on Dancing in the Moonlight and Huey Lewis shows his harmonica skills on Baby Drives Me Crazy.

The Brunette and I want to say thanks for coming and we're sure you'll enjoy the concert. Here are the ground rules for you first timers.

Concert Rules:

- Glass containers ARE allowed
- Everyone has General Admission lawn seats... so no need to try and sneak in
- Tailgating ALLOWED in the concert
- Respect the space of others. If their blanket is laid out, DON'T step on it
- A fully staffed playground area will be available so that mom and dad can enjoy the concert

Weekend Concerts - Thin Lizzy

* As always, if you enjoy the artist and their music, help support their work by purchasing the album.

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Phil left the world far too soon. Great album.

Heard that Sean.

Would be interesting to see where Lynott or Thin Lizzy turned out. Another Rainbow maybe?