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Wordless Wednesday

Posted by Artster63

Check out: Nazareth

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Love hurts ... in oh so many ways!

It's a great song and it's a great feeling when done right (just kidding! :) feel free to censor the latter part).

Nazareth is a great band and i feel it's a slightly under appreciated... being overshadowed by some lesser acts.

Also thanks for keeping up with our blog although we've been bad and not updated it as often as we should have.

In the meanwhile i see you've grown your site quite considerably. There's loads to be found!

As a last punchline. We've just updated the site with a free song. Love it or hate it ... but if you got the time, please do check it out :)

All the best!!

I remember when I first heard this song, I was like "Man, that dude got his heart ripped out and thrown away". I definitely hear pain in those lyrics and music.

How are the Blood Bro's doing? Great to hear from you. I definitely will be checking your song out this evening. I'll leave you a note while I'm there.

Take it easy.

OHHHHHHHHHH THIS IS A GOOD ONE. Yes, this song really says it all when it comes to that broken heart feeling...which i hope never to feel again.

True true Barb.
I kind of thought the getting over it after a breakup was pretty exhilarating. A fresh start. Ya know.

Have a good one.