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Wordless Wednesday

Posted by Artster63

Check out: Bachman-Turner Overdrive

* As always, if you enjoy the artist and their music, help support their work by purchasing the album.

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Long time no see. great to have you back posting. Love BTO. Was my "back seat" music. I wasnt much into the love songs. Always really loved the song Blue Collar.

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....


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Love this blog! Awesome setup and very user-friendly. One of the best classic rock blogs I have seen!



dude ! why don't you talk about donny osmond and / or boy george . they rock also ! just messin with you .
you're ole buddy

Hey, Thanks for having a spot for a thought that occurred to me earlier today. It seems to me that Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO)was overshadowed by the Doobie Brothers. BTO was just underway in getting popular, when the Doobie Brothers came along and ate BTO's lunch. I wonder if anyone out there born from 1965 and earlier thinks that's what happened, I believe in 1972 or 1973. I was just getting to enjoy BTO when DJ's started playing Doobies all the time. BTO took a back seat. I lived in Central (Sebring) Florida at the time.