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Black Sabbath - Fall Concert Series

Posted by Artster63

Welcome back people to 70's Classic Rock's Fall Concert Series. On the main stage this week we have the phenomenal Black Sabbath. Front man, Ozzy, shows us what all those "mind altering supplements" can really do for you. I tried wailing my head like that for about 15 seconds and got a splitting headache. Rock on Ozzy.

Now, without further adieu let's show some love for Ozzy, Tony, Bill and Geezer otherwise known as Black Sabbath.

When you're ready hit play and slip away. Enjoy.


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Another great show. So glad that we have pro-shot, full length concerts by the great bands of that era. Sabbath invented a whole new genre of music.

"When you're ready hit play and slip away."

No kidding!

What an awesome post/video.