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Led Zeppelin - Fall Concert Series

Posted by Artster63

What's up people? Artster is back and has just pressed the "play" button on the ol' VCR. I've got the Zep in mind to start our "Weekend Concert Series". Full, live concerts every weekend to get you back to a more chilled state of mind.

Today we present "Led Zeppelin - Live at Knebworth Festival (August 11,1979)". One of my favorite Zep shows after their historical The Song Remains the Same Tour of course. Spark up the incense, draw the shades and grab a brew because this will slip you back in time to a more chilled and mellow state. Get your chores and errands out of the way because if you're like me, I was in a trance for a few... hours afterwards.

When you're ready, hit play and slip away. Enjoy.


* As always, if you enjoy the artist and their music, help support their work by purchasing their albums.

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This is a great show. A beer is already in hand to enjoy it with. Thanks Art!

Hey Sean, thanks for stopping by and we'll have additional great ones coming up every Friday. Have a good one and have one for me.