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REO - Washing the Blues Away

Posted by Artster63

Wuz up to all my buds out there... or at least to those who are still subscribed. Hard core man, hard core. Well I know it's been awhile but I'm back. Yes that's right, I'm back. A couple of years ago after "The Brunette's" passing, I took a left when I should've gone right. I walked toward the light, when I should've gone the other way, I said yes when I should've said chill and deal. So what's the result of all of these poor decisions? Well I was engaged and now am flying solo almost $10,000 later and a hard lesson learned. But... and that's a BIG BUTT, I am much wiser for it. Soooo that being said, I am here enjoying one of the few things that settle me down and that's the music. Specifically my 70's classic rock. I've got the live version of REO Speedwagon's "157 Riverside Avenue" blasting on the headset right now. Kevin talking to Gary, voice versus licks, amps versus decibels. Ya gotta love it!!! Here in one of their best performances is REO jammin' like nobody's business. Enjoy!!!!!

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